Issue 04/2019

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Exhibitors showcase latest technology

Recycling of meatballs more efficient



Clothes as a disposable item?

Dear Readers,Each year 53 million t of clothing are produced, less than 1 % is recirculated into new textile fibers. In India, 50 % of the pesticides used are already used for cotton cultivation. By...


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Greater efficiency for film recyclers

Recycling line recoSTAR dynamic 145

In early 2018, Starlinger recycling technology introduced a new size – the recoSTAR dynamic 145 – that is specially designed for a capacity range of ~1000 kg/h. The first three lines are currently...

Largest Swedish sorting system for plastics

Sweden relies on German technology

After a construction period of only one and a half year and in presence of approx. 250 invited guests from the whole of Europe, the official commissioning of the largest Swedish sorting system for...

Preserving value – saving resources!

Circular Economy: Hot Topic at K 2019

Plastic products have become an integral part of almost every area of life. For good reason. Plastic packaging extends the shelf life of food, plastic parts in cars reduces their weight and CO2...


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Throwaway clothing

The limitations of textile recycling

The global consumption of clothing and textiles is increasing significantly faster than the population is growing. Clothing has become a disposable commodity. With less than 1 % recycling, we would be...