recycling process

Issue 2023-05 RED GIANT – that sounds like a big red gigantic monster

What is behind it?

Red is the company colour of the construction machine builder company Hammel Recyclingtechnik GmbH from Thuringia and the „giant“ stands for a 2-shaft pre-shredder that is produced there. The company...

Issue 2023-04 Safe long-term investment

BHS-Sonthofen receives order for BASF battery recycling plant

BHS-Sonthofen is supplying BASF with a complete line for the mechanical reprocessing of lithium-ion batteries into black mass. This marks the third large-scale plant for BHS, with the first one having...

Issue 2023-03 Valuable waste

State-of-the-art shredding technology for Sanit-Trans in Poland

Secondary fuels can reduce the costs involved in the energy-intensive production of cement by replacing a large proportion of expensive primary fuels. Sanit-Trans also achieves this by processing...

Issue 2023-02 Closes the gap between waste and new goods

STEINERT UniSort sorting technology for black plastics

Everyone involved in the plastics industry is concerned with strict legislation and a social sense of responsibility for recovering plastics. Black plastics represent a particular challenge because...

Issue 2023-01 Sustainability at the next level

The new battery-powered MHL820 BATTERY+

Sustainability has a long tradition at FUCHS. The first electrically powered material handler was delivered as early as the 1980s. Over the years, the product portfolio of electrically powered...

Issue 2022-06 Innovation project reduces CO2 emissions in the recycling process

SENNEBOGEN hands over first battery-powered material handler 825 Electro Battery to cooperation partner CRONIMET

To maximize the reduction of CO2 emissions in the recycling process, SENNEBOGEN has cooperated with its key account CRONIMET to develop the 30-t electric material handler 825 Electro Battery with...

Issue 2022-05 A great opportunity to actively shape change

Vecoplan helps processors to implement the circular economy

Europe wants to be climate-neutral by 2050 – and the circular economy for plastics will make a telling contribution. The core element of the EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive is the recycling...

Issue 2022-04 BHS fine treatment process recovers valuable metals from residual materials

Optimized output quality in an innovative standard process

There is currently no way around the issue of resource saving, but how can valuable materials be recycled in the best possible way? Metals in particular are considered important and scarce raw...

Issue 2022-03 Smart connected

Plant management, maintenance planning and condition monitoring

More than 460 material fractions are collected at REMONDIS Region Rheinland, processed or disposed of in cases where recycling is not possible. At the same time, REMONDIS is also active in the supply...

Issue 2022-01 He who buys cheap, buys twice!

From a locksmith‘s store to a supplier of complete systems

This saying is quoted by the managing director of Klöckner Siebmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG, Jasmin Klöckner, and thus emphasizes the company motto that only quality pays off in the end, ... and the bottom...