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Melbourne / Australia

Australian Plastics Recovery Conference 2024

Making domestic headway within a global challenge

The three-day conference will bring together policy experts from all levels of government, industry leaders and early industry adopters to highlight the opportunities in Australia’s approach to...

12.03.2024 till 14.03.2024 more
Berlin / Germany

Berlin Conference Metal Cycles 2024

13.03.2024 till 14.03.2024 more
Darmstadt / Germany

Forum Plastic Recyclates 2024

Industry meeting on mechanical plastics recycling

Presentations by selected national and international experts from research and industry provide insights into market developments, research approaches and technical solutions

13.03.2024 till 14.03.2024 more

PET Packaging

How to improve circularity via the latest sorting technologies

Only clear beverage bottles can be considered truly circular. All other PET categories, including non-food bottles, opaque, colored or full-sleeve bottles, trays (mono and multi-layers) still need a...

19.03.2024 more
Las vegas / USA

ISRI Convention & Exhibition 2024

15.04.2024 till 18.04.2024 more
Guadalajara / Mexico

Ecomondo Mexico 2024

Innovative environmental technology platform designed for the Latin American market

Aiming to bring together technologies and solutions from sectors that promote the ecological transition and circular economy, Ecomondo Mexico facilitates and accelerates business and networking...

17.04.2024 till 19.04.2024 more
Las Vegas / USA


International Exhibition for Waste and Recycling

06.05.2024 till 09.05.2024 more
Munich / Germany

IFAT 2024

World's Leading Trade Fair for Water, Sewage, Waste and Raw Materials Management

13.05.2024 till 17.05.2024 more
Capri / Italy

SUM 2024

7th International Symposium on Circular Economy and Urban Mining

Forum for Circular Economy and Urban Mining, where scientists and stakeholders from all around the globe can debate the most advanced results and focus on future needs

15.05.2024 till 17.05.2024 more
Copenhagen / Denmark

BIR World Recycling Convention 2024

27.05.2024 till 29.05.2024 more