Recycling Expo 2019

12th World Congress and Expo on Recycling

Conference HighlightsPaper RecyclingAgriculture Waste RecyclingWaste Management TechniquesElectronic Waste ManagementSolid Waste ManagementMetal and Plastic Waste RecyclingGreen and Renewable...

01.04.2019 till 02.04.2019 more

PRS Plastics Recycling Show Europe

Plastics Recycling Awards Europe

The Exhibition and Conference for the European Plastics Recycling IndustryThe Plastics Recycling Show Europe was launched by Crain and Plastics Recyclers Europe as the first dedicated exhibition for...

10.04.2019 till 11.04.2019 more

Save the planet - Waste Management & Recycling

10th Exhibition & Conference for South-East Europe (SEE) - Save the Planet Bulgaria, Sofia

16.04.2019 till 18.04.2019 more


in a Circular Economy

"Time to Act Now! - Improving Recyclability Across All Value Chain & Meeting Targets by 2030"Highlights: Improvements/ overhauling of waste management modelsUpdates on investments in collection,...

07.05.2019 till 08.05.2019 more

The VinylPlus Sustainability Forum 2019

The VinylPlus Sustainability Forum (VSF) is VinylPlus' annual event that aims to engage in open and constructive dialogue on topics concerning the PVC industry in the context of sustainability and the...

09.05.2019 till 10.05.2019 more

13.05.2019 till 14.05.2019 more

Waste to Resources 2019

Waste-to-Resources is the world's largest convention for substance-specific waste treatment (mechanical and biological processes, waste sorting technology). It is accompanied by a trade exhibition....

14.05.2019 till 16.05.2019 more


The world's leading plastics and rubber trade fair

Accompanying the growth of China's plastics and rubber industries for over 30 years, CHINAPLAS has become a distinguished meeting and business platform for these industries and has also largely...

21.05.2019 till 24.05.2019 more

Plastics Recycling Technology

Exploring the future of plastics recycling –new ways to boost productivity,quality and profitability

18.06.2019 till 19.06.2019 more

E-Mobility & Circular Economy EMCE 2019

The E-Mobility revolution is undeniable. The International Energy Agency expects the number of electric cars on the road to increase from 2 million in 2016 to 70 million in 2025. Which impact will...

01.07.2019 till 03.07.2019 more