plastics recovery Evaluation of plastics in the circular economy

Current work focus of the VDI guideline committee 4095

In 2020, the guideline committee VDI 4095 „Assessment of plastics in the circular economy“ was founded to develop practical and legally compliant recommendations for action for the circles concerned....

recovery special IFAT Munich

Roadmaps for the circular economy for plastics

There is a continuing global flood of plastics – with significant consequences for the environment and the climate. The challenge is to convert the gigantic flow of materials into a cycle. The...

waste recovery Germany-wide disposal network

Schüttflix expands its product range

In order to bring comparability and transparency to the waste management market, the company has for the first time developed a digital recording process for operators of waste management facilities...

sewage sludge recovery Dried sewage sludge

Efficient conveying with Wessjohann rope conveyors

In the context of sewage sludge treatment, the transport of the granulate after drying is a component that certainly deserves attention. Here, Wessjohann‘s rope conveyor system for bulk materials has...

waste recovery Track mobile solution

Terex Ecotec’s new TBG 530T high speed shredder

Terex Ecotec continue to expand their range of mobile equipment with the launch of the TBG 530T. A robust track mounted high-speed shredder, the TBG 530T is ideal for medium scale producers requiring...