metal recovery Achieving success together

State-of-the-art cable recycling

This family-owned enterprise with its more than one hundred and forty years of successful history started in 1876 with scrap (nowadays known as „used metal“), a billy goat, a handcart – and a...

waste recovery Translating the green idea into action

Radiator cleaning with no downtimes

Family-owned Korn Recycling GmbH has its headquarters in Albstadt, to the south of Stuttgart, not far from Hohenzollern Castle. Here, under the family‘s second generation, waste originating from...

waste recovery IFAT 2020

Artificial intelligence in waste management

Efficient waste management is one of the great challenges of our time – and new digital technologies can make life much easier for municipalities, residents and companies. The spectrum of innovations...

plastics recovery New SFneos filter system

Gneuss at K 2019

Gneuss Filtration Technology showed several different models of their patented Rotary Filtration Systems.

sewage sludge recovery New publication

Utilization of Sewage Sludge

Sewage sludge as a secondary raw material has gained new importance since the new version of the Sewage Sludge Ordinance (AbfKläV) came into effect on October 3, 2017.