metal recovery Centro Rottami and Indinvest

New life for recycled aluminium

In the province of Latina, a scrap recycler supplies a nearby foundry with recycled aluminum that has been sorted by TOMRA’s machines to produce a green billet with 85% recycled content. This is an...

waste recovery Increase in material recovery

Norway’s first AI-powered robotic sorting station

The new robotic sorting facility will substantially increase material recovery at Bjorstaddalen and make a major move from waste incineration toward a circular economy in the Nordic country. The...

waste recovery When it is too little for the belt scale

Weighing at the discharge point

In the recycling sector, there are often materials that are very valuable, but do not occur in quantities that can be weighed with a built-in belt scale. In addition, the weighing should also be very...

waste recovery A global player from Westphalia

50 years Dr. Ing. Goessling Maschinenfabrik

When the production lines start running at one of the world’s largest automobile suppliers in Mexico, a company from Schermbeck in Westphalia plays an important role: the Dr. Ing. Goessling...