metal recovery Latest evolutionary stage

Maximum Aluminium Purity

In order to conserve resources, we need to reuse raw materials as often as we can. This requires recycling materials flows that have as high and as consistent a quality as possible. It is only with...

WEEE recovery Recycling wanted!

Huge mountains of old photovoltaic modules

Photovoltaics are already making a major contribution to energy production and this will continue to grow, because solar energy is considered a sustainable alternative to oil and gas. However, the...

metal recovery Next milestone in the metal segment

AUTOSORTTM PULSE with dynamic LIBS technology

TOMRA Recycling Sorting, introduced a new machine featuring dynamic laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS). Designed for high throughput sorting of aluminum alloys, AUTOSORT™ PULSE redefines...

wood recovery One instead of two

Terex Ecotec’s new TBG 530T

R. Heatrick Ltd, a recycling and demolition contractor based in Northern Ireland, is turning waste wood products into biomass using a Terex Ecotec TBG 530T track-mounted high-speed shredder. The TBG...

waste recovery For more efficient loading

INVENTHOR 6.2 from Doppstadt with optimised hopper

Doppstadt revolutionised its shredding portfolio with the launch of the INVENTHOR series in 2018. The slow speed shredders of the INVENTHOR 6 and 9 models quickly convinced customers worldwide thanks...