waste recovery Award for top performances

10th National German Sustainability Award

10th German National German Sustainability Award

The German Sustainability Award Foundation has now for the tenth time presented this distinction for outstanding achievements in sustainability. Germany‘s most sustainable start-ups had been...

waste recovery Transdisciplinary

Transformative Science Research Prize

In 2017, the „Transformative Science“ research prize has been offered for the first time by the Wuppertal Institute and the Zempelin Foundation in the Donors‘ Association for the Promotion of...

waste recovery Jubiläum

Continuous growth for 65 years

In 1952, company founder Erich Sennebogen Sr. put his heart and soul into founding a company that, today, could not be more innovative, more international, or more interesting. 65 years later, the...

agricultural waste recovery Competence center

Innovative sorting system commissioned

Tomra Sorting Recycling, based in Mülheim-Kärlich/Germany develops and builds sensor-based sorting systems for waste and metals recycling. The company has now successfully implemented its powerful...