Exhibitors showcase their
latest technology at RecyclingAKTIV

B‌etween 5 and 7 September 2019, more than 200 exhibitors will be presenting their latest products at the RecyclingAKTIV and TiefbauLIVE trade fair pairing at Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre. These demonstration trade fairs feature many live demonstrations of machines and equipment – either at exhibitors‘ own stands or on one of the two special recycling theme areas. At the Mobile Scrap & Metal Yard, live demonstrations of devices such as scrap shears, metal saws, metal balers and two mobile metal plants are given twice a day. At the Wood & Biomass special theme area, exhibitors present their crushers, granulating lines, loading/unloading and dust binding equipment in action three times a day.

Demolition with added bite

In Karlsruhe, add-on equipment producer Hydraram will be presenting its completely reworked line of demolition technology, including demolition shears, concrete pulverisers and demolition and sorting grabs. Hydraram has increased the performance of its add-on parts by using hydraulic cylinders with higher working pressure levels. As well as this, cycle times are shortened by the optimised speed valves – as these are installed outside on the hydraulic cylinder, they can be accessed easily for service and maintenance.

With the HCC demolition shears, a new kind of exchangeable teeth ensures better concrete penetration, thus optimising the crushing force of the shears. Another tool is the series HFP pulveriser, which has an integrated magnet that works with the excavator‘s 24-volt system (batteries) and therefore does not need an additional generator. The magnet function can be switched on by the excavator operator in order to collect the reinforcing steel remaining on the construction site when the concrete is being crushed. The German subsidiary of Japanese high-technology group Furukawa Rock Drill (FRD) will also be presenting its demolition tools and hydraulic hammers in Karlsruhe.

Processing waste wood

With highly productive processing technology, waste wood can be put to good use for thermal recovery. One specialist in this field is Austrian company Komptech which, as well as having its own stand at RecyclingAKTIV, will be presenting one of its single-shaft pre-shredders and a universal shredder at the Wood & Biomass special theme area.

Shredder specialist Lindner Recyclingtechnik will also be showing mobile system solutions for recycling waste wood. The newly developed and patented cutting system from the Urraco 75 and Miura series makes a mobile Lindner shredder into an integral system solution for the very first time. With the optimised geometric design of the two shafts and a special secondary crushing beam, the shredder is able to process waste wood into P100 particles with less than four percent fines in a single step. The combination of Urraco 75 or Miura 1500 with the Lindner Zeta Star 75 F2 screen allows clean P63 final grain to be produced at a throughput rate of up to 25 t/h. The ideal combination of shredder and screen guarantees ideal particles with less than 5 % fines without the need to additionally sieve off a third fraction. This helps to avoid losing valuable raw materials.

Mobile solution for calling up machine data

Proemion produces connectivity solutions for machines and provides the infrastructure for networking machines with the cloud (IoT), other local machines (M2M) and with humans (HMI). At RecyclingAKTIV, the Fulda-based company will be showcasing its latest telematics unit CANlink mobile 3000, with which users can call up all CAN data for their machines. With its robust and compact IP67 plastic housing, it is especially suitable for construction machinery. The hardware configuration is very simple: plug and play. The integrated eSIM card with global roaming allows the equipment to be used almost anywhere in the world. Some product variants also provide WLAN and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing CAN data to be exchanged locally. The hardware works optimally together with the Proemion data platform.

High torque when changing tools

Schaudt Industrietechnik will be presenting a pneumatic sensor-controlled torque wrench in the hall area directly adjacent to the open-air exhibition area. High torque is required for tightening screws precisely when maintaining and changing tools at recycling facilities. With the PTS wrench by Japanese company Kuken, which is available from Schaudt, the torque is adjusted via two arrow buttons on the digital display – directly in newton metres (Nm) – rather than using thumb wheels or slide switches, as is usually the case. Maximum precision is ensured by the integrated torque sensor, which terminates the screwing process once the tightening torque has been reached. With up to 400 rpm, the work speed is far higher than in the case of comparable torque multipliers. Because it uses a planetary gear rather than a striking mechanism, it is possible to minimise both the physical and acoustic stress for users.

Scrap shears on tracks

Lefort is known for its mobile scrap shears in the intermediate shearing force range of 600 to 1000 tons. A new addition to this segment is the Trax series. These are self-propelled diesel or electrically powered units on caterpillar tracks that enable much better and more flexible logistics in modern scrap yards. The machine travels to pre-sorted material piles, therefore saving operators the expensive process of repeatedly moving material from the collection point to the machine as usual. As a special highlight for RecyclingAKTIV, Lefort will present its Trax 600 tracked scrap shears.

The German subsidiary of the Japanese high tech company Furukawa Rock Drill (FRD) will also showcase its demolition equipment and scrap shears. All shears models are fitted with speed valves as standard for faster work cycles. Trapezoidal blades improve the cutting line, while the innovative setting kit on the jaws makes it possible to adjust the play without manual intervention. The VXB7ER powered demolition tongs will be demonstrated live fitted to a 5-ton excavator. These are used for dismantling and gutting industrial buildings.


Metal recycling goes digital

ATM Recyclingsystems GmbH is another company that will present its latest innovation in Karlsruhe, namely the Arno Press D 500-3 baler. The recycling industry is also affected by the broader trends towards digitalisation and automation. In response to this, the renowned Austrian manufacturer now offers its products with machine or process data recording as a service package, for example. This system continuously captures and evaluates machine data, making it transparent for both the user and the service team. It monitors factors such as cycle times, oil pressure, temperature and machine output.


Clean metal separation

Goudsmit Magnetics, from Waalre in the Netherlands, will present its mobile separator at RecyclingAKTIV. This system is capable of separating both ferrous and non-ferrous metals from the material flow. The Goudsmit Mobile MetalXpert magnetic separator is easy to position at the right point and is designed for course material flows like chipped wood. This results in three separate material flows: ferrous, non-ferrous and clean (inert) bulk goods that are ready to be recycled. The metal separator has a capacity of 100 m³/h. It is installed on a single-axle trailer that is suitable for road transport.


Dismantling electronic devices

THM Recycling Solutions will present its TQZ1200 turbo-crusher and demonstrate its ability to crush electronic devices. The machine uses chains to smash items like electronic waste, refrigerators or washing machines into their components, or to separate material composites. Other applications include the crushing, separation and cleaning of metals, PVC window profiles or ferrous materials in waste flows. Another product on show will be the newly developed granulator XG2400. This universal all-rounder is perfectly suited for single-stage shredding of various materials, including metals and cable waste. It can also handle household, commercial and industrial waste, along with plastics, textiles, paper, cardboard and old wood.


Cable-powered material handling excavator

The processing systems at the mobile scrap and metal yard special theme area will be fed with material by products from Zeppelin. At its stand, the company will also showcase a range of its loading and material handling machines in all relevant sizes and designs, with special equipment for the recycling industry. These vehicles are also available second hand. Among the highlights will be the cable-powered MH22 material handling excavator, as well as countless services related to these vehicles, from finance and insurance to part exchange. For companies in the process of digitalising their business, Zeppelin will also present the open fleet management system from Caterpillar.


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