Largest Swedish sorting system for plastics

Sweden relies on German technology

After a construction period of only one and a half year and in presence of approx. 250 invited guests from the whole of Europe, the official commissioning of the largest Swedish sorting system for plastics was celebrated in Motala in the Östergötland province. The German plant engineering company Sutco RecyclingTechnik GmbH from Bergisch Gladbach is the supplier.

After a professional video installation in the area of the new plant between Göteborg and Stockholm and the jointly celebrated countdown process until the official start, the numerous visitors from the areas of politics, economy and the recycling industry had an opportunity to watch the plant during operation and to talk with the responsible persons.

The well-known Swedish organisation of Svensk Plaståtervinning – formerly Plastkretsen – in Sweden is the customer of the million-project, who is responsible for the recycling of plastic packaging waste from households.

Matthias Philipsson, CEO of the Svensk Plaståtervin-ning and operator of the turnkey sorting system, is absolutely satisfied with the result of the German-Swedish cooperation. The plant aims at recycling all plastic packagings to provide new plastic products for the Swedish market, according to Matthias Philippson. He said that all requirements have been met.

The German specialist Sutco RecyclingTechnik GmbH sets new standards with respect to the planning, design and construction of this fully automatic sorting system, which has been customised to the requirements of the Swedish market: The new plant which is equipped with 19 NIR machines from the TOMRA company among others, will be operated in 3-shift operation at an annual capacity of 115 000 tons – 20 t/h – and is thus the largest and most efficient plant for sorting plastic packagings in Europe.


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