Black plastics and supply chains

Dear Readers, Plastic has become an indispensable part of our everyday lives, both in our daily lives and in many industrial products. Living plastic-free is difficult to impossible, since we cannot...



Interview with Patrick Lindweiler, Product Manager and Key Account Manager in the Waste Processing and Recycling Division, STEINERT GmbH


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Up to 70 % of energy costs saved

Efficiency and sustainability via e-drive

Rising energy prices and new legislation on CO2 emissions are boosting demand in the waste management industry for electronically powered mobile machines, which can be a very good option for many...


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Turning point

New era for the recycling industry?

The recycling industry has reached a turning point. On the one hand, progress has been made in improving recycling rates in recent years, while, on the other hand, the consumption of resources is...

Flexible system

Quick-change mixed waste processing

Santa Barbara County’s Resource Center efficiently sorts both MSW and single stream using the same circuit with TOMRA AUTOSORT™ units to successfully reduce landfilling.

Recycled rubber, rice husks and plastic bottles

Sustainable materials in tire production

Car tires are round, black and made of rubber. Look closer, however, and you’ll see that the design of tires and the interaction of the various materials that go into making them are extremely...


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Largest single order in the company’s history

A material revolution instead of waste

UBQ Materials has patented the world’s first thermoplastic material consisting entirely of unsorted household waste – including organics. The sustainable substitute for petroleum-based plastics will...

Closes the gap between waste and new goods

STEINERT UniSort sorting technology for black plastics

Everyone involved in the plastics industry is concerned with strict legislation and a social sense of responsibility for recovering plastics. Black plastics represent a particular challenge because...