Up to 70 % of energy costs saved

Efficiency and sustainability via e-drive

Rising energy prices and new legislation on CO2 emissions are boosting demand in the waste management industry for electronically powered mobile machines, which can be a very good option for many applications. Komptech has continuously expanded its portfolio in shredding and screening technology and already offers more than half of its machines as e-mobile or hybrid versions.

The use of electric motors enables the use of renewable energy instead of fossil fuels, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, electrically powered machines achieve significantly higher energy efficiency, which has a positive impact on the operating result. These are good arguments for looking for e-models when investing in new machinery.


Save up to 70 % on energy costs

Semi-mobile drive models combine the advantages of stationary electric systems – such as exhaust-free and noise-reduced operation – with the flexibility of mobile technology. In the field of shredding, Komptech offers various models of the Terminator and Crambo machine types as mobile E-variants. Here, a highly efficient electric motor takes over the roller drive. This can save up to 70 % of energy costs at comparable throughput rates. Maintenance costs are also significantly lower than for the diesel version and are reduced to around half for the electric drive.

On the outside, the e-mobile versions of the Terminator and Crambo hardly differ from the diesel-powered models. However, their engine interiors are much clearer: A control cabinet with protection class IP54 is installed next to the electric motor to protect the electronic components from dust and high outside temperatures. The integration of the control cabinet directly into the machine enables fast commissioning and simplifies the change of operating locations. Transport is via hook lift system or 3-axis trailer.


Economical hybrid concepts

Komptech also has a comprehensive selection of electrically operated star and drum screens for screening and separation. If a flexible change between indoor and outdoor use is required, hybrid models are available as an alternative. Here, the power for the electric drive of the components comes either from the mains or from a built-in diesel generator. Thanks to the higher efficiency of the diesel-electric drive, hybrid models still consume less energy than diesel-powered hydraulics and also require less maintenance.


Maximum cost-performance balance

Komptech has been driving the development of energy-efficient machines for years, developing solutions for various customer requirements. Of course, this also includes the further development of stationary equipment according to the latest state of the art. „With electrically driven machines or hybrid variants, you not only dodge the ever-increasing fuel prices, but also use the maximum energy potential and thus make a positive contribution to the environment,“ explains Christoph Feyerer, Head of Product Management and Marketing at Komptech.


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