Mobile machines with E-drive

Terminator e-mobile and Crambo e-mobile now also with track chassis

The expansion of the Komptech product range continues apace: now there is a market first, as the Crambo and Terminator e-mobile models are now also available with a track chassis.

Efficiency and sustainability through ­electrification

Rising energy costs and new legislation on CO2 emissions are increasing the demand in the waste management industry for mobile machines with electric drives, which can be an ideal option for many applications.

The use of electric motors enables the use of renewable energies instead of fossil fuels and thus reduces the emission of greenhouse gases. In addition, electrically powered machines achieve significantly higher energy efficiency, which has a positive effect on the operating result. These are good arguments to look for e-models when investing in new machinery.


A pioneering role in the industry

For years Komptech has been working intensively and consistently on the further development of mobile machines with electric drives. Komptech has continuously expanded its portfolio in shredding, screening and separation technology and already offers more than 60 % of its machines as e-mobile or hybrid versions.

Another innovation in the field of electrification is currently already in the starting blocks: the Terminator e-mobile and Crambo e-mobile models are now also available with track chassis. These are thus the first electrically powered machines in Komptech’s product range that can now be equipped with a fully electric track undercarriage. This technical design is unique on the market and thus underlines Komptech’s pioneering role in this area as well.


Advantages through all-electric operation

Particularly noteworthy about the e-mobile track models is the comparatively high driving speed of just under 3 km/h. The speed can also be regulated in three steps. The speed can also be regulated in three stages, as well as the generously considered power reserves, which enable fast and almost effortless maneuvering. Minimal noise emissions offer an “on top” argument for this system. Power is supplied by a battery pack integrated directly into the chassis. This eliminates the need for a conventional diesel or petrol power unit. This offers a number of advantages: On the one hand, the system saves space in the machine and on the other hand, no exhaust gases are emitted, which is why operation in closed halls is possible without any problems. Furthermore, a large number of maintenance parts such as filters and oils are no longer required. This not only saves money in operation, but also protects the environment. The entire system was designed for maximum driving performance and without compromise.


Save up to 70 % on energy costs

In the electrified Komptech mobile machines, a highly efficient electric motor takes over the roller drive. At comparable throughput rates, up to 70 % of energy costs can be saved. The maintenance effort is also significantly lower compared to the diesel version and is reduced to about half with the electric drive. “With electrically driven machines or hybrid variants, you not only avoid the constantly rising fuel prices, but also use the maximum energy potential and thus make a positive contribution to the environment,” explains Christoph Feyerer, Director of Innovation and Communication at Komptech.

On the outside, the e-mobile versions of Terminator and Crambo hardly differ from the diesel-powered models. Their engine compartment, however, is much clearer: next to the electric motor, a control cabinet of protection class IP54 is built in, which protects the electronic components from dust and high outside temperatures. The integration of the control cabinet directly into the machine enables quick commissioning. In addition, the e-mobile track machines are available in two different battery storage capacities: long-range (6 batteries for up to 1.5 km) or short-range (4 batteries for up to 1 km).


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