Impurities in biological waste

Better recycling rates with innovative
processing technology

Shredding, screening and separating create the necessary conditions for efficient recycling. Komptech develops processing plants designed around the composition of the respective feedstock, and the quality requirements of the secondary material market.

New legislation for waste wood, commercial and organic waste will require operators to deliver higher recycling rates, and provide full documentation of material paths. The increasing amount of contaminants in organic waste is a major issue, as it negatively impacts the quality of the compost produced.


Getting the right grain

Quality can be significantly improved if the preparatory shredding reliably gives the defined grain sizes. The Komptech Terminator xtron provides this, even with shifting feedstock composition. Its stepless shredding gap adjustment and optional comb elements let operators get the optimum shred for their downstream process steps. The Terminator xtron can be used for all types of waste, including wood and green cuttings.

Low speed shredders with adjustable shredding are ideal for organic waste. The Komptech Crambo’s design prevents over-shredding of contaminants like plastic film and packaging, so that most of these items can be separated out in further processing.

For this separation, Komptech offers several different technologies and the necessary expertise to meet the required quality criteria, even with contaminated feedstock.


E-mobil and digital

Both the Terminator and the Crambo are offered in mobile E-versions. For a given output, they save up to 70 % of energy costs over conventional machines. Furthermore, they allow the use of renewable energy instead of fossil fuels, making a direct contribution to CO2 reduction.

With its Connect! monitoring technology, Komptech offers customers a way to further improve the efficiency and economy of their machines. The remote monitoring hardware module is integrated in the machine and connected to the central control unit. Events and data are sent by mobile radio to a central data server. Via a web-based software app, customers can stay continuously and reliably updated on the condition of their machines at the job site. The system also helps Komptech Service respond quickly and effectively when needed.


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