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Issue 05/2023 The glass age

Recycling a multifunctional material

Glass has more applications than any other material. It is not only essential for us in our everyday life, it is also important for many new technical developments. As glass can be remelted after use,...


Eriez® Magnetic Separators are helping the growing glass industry

High-intensity magnetic separation equipment from Eriez® is gaining recognition among glass manufacturers for its ability to remove tramp metal particulates from the mixing and blending of raw...

Issue 03/2020 Process engineering solutions in glass recycling

Dosing, screening, drying, sifting and conveying with JOEST machines

Recycling is a growing market – especially in glass recycling new plants are currently arising or existing ones are updated and upgraded. JOEST is an expert for vibratory equipment conveying and...

Issue 01/2020 Optimized

The “new” OSCILLA generation – continuing the story of success

On its 100th anniversary, JOEST presents a Flip-Flow update with minimal maintenance and less installation effort.

Issue 04/2019 Customized

Metal detection solutions provided for glass & PVC recycling

Manufacturing industries are continuously looking for methods of refining their production process. Eriez Europe has recently supplied an E-Z Tec 9000 R Metal Detector with Pneumatic Reject System to...


It is the sorting that counts

Its main components are sand, soda and lime, with potash and feldspar being added in small amounts. Exactly – we are talking about glass, which is to be found nearly everywhere – as glass bottles,...


Glass – production, application and recycling

Glass has been an important resource for many thousands of years, but today its uses have never been so varied and important to our everyday lives. Whether it is used as a drinking vessel, a window on...

Issue 01/2019 Separating glass from MSW

TOMRA sorting recycling introduces AUTOSORT COLOR

TOMRA Sorting Recycling has introduced AUTOSORT COLOR, a new machine which works in combination with AUTOSORT LASER to separate glass from municipal solid waste with high effectiveness. AUTOSORT COLOR...

Issue 05/2018 Potential

Glass recycling – Current market trends

Depending on the degree of purity achieved in the processing of cullets from waste glass recycling, glass can be melted as often as desired and converted into new products. As is the case with many...