Knowledge and realization

Dear Readers, In one of the in Germany probably best known children‘s program „Die Sendung mit der Maus (The show with the mouse)“ an interesting series was shown in the last weeks. An house in...



From the idea to the environmental award

The success story of a young enterprise

In the beginning, there was an idea and a man who grasped an opportunity, with his experience and his employees, and closed a recycling gap. He even received Berlin‘s Green Tech Award for the solution...


recovery spotlight

Business cooperation as the key to success

By 2030, 55 % of EU-wide plastic packaging waste is to be recycled. Furthermore, a future without plastic waste is being targeted. The plastics industry must therefore currently face two major...


waste recovery

Immission control

Binding dust with water mist

Dust is always generated during the processing, storage and handling of bulk materials and during recycling. This leads to enormous adverse effects on people and the environment and to increased wear...

New universal pre-shredder

Intelligent pre-shredding with the RAPAX

BHS-Sonthofen’s new RAPAX combines design and functionality in one powerful pre-shredder. Versatile, sturdy and easy to maintain, this machine is perfectly suited for processing various metal...


plastics recovery

sewage sludge recovery

Sewage sludge – a raw material on the rise

Third Berlin Sewage Sludge Conference

Like almost all scientific conferences, the Berlin Sewage Sludge Conference 2020 had to be held as a video conference. TK Verlag GmbH Neuruppin as the organizer of this scientific conference had...


battery recovery