Immission control

Binding dust with water mist

Dust is always generated during the processing, storage and handling of bulk materials and during recycling. This leads to enormous adverse effects on people and the environment and to increased wear on machines and work equipment. This increases the need for maintenance and repairs.

The company NEBOLEX Umwelttechnik GmbH, based in Kirchberg/Germany, specialises in dust binding by water mist and manufactures an atomisation system for dust reduction. A precondition for effective dust control is the fact that dust particles show an affinity for attaching to fine water droplets and this can be used to bind dust present in the material or material being conveyed. However, this can only work if the water is provided with a sufficiently large surface area. In the NEBOLEX system, the water is broken up into fine droplets in self-priming spray heads. Water droplets become tiny mist particles.  

Due to the multiple enlargement of the water surface, an effective dust binding can be achieved with a very low water consumption. The water input into the falling material is only 1 – 5 per mille depending on the processed material and the dust formation. This is also of enormous importance for the further processing of the material. It is therefore possible to achieve a dust reduction of over 90 % with a very low water input. 

With this system, it is possible to fog in a very targeted manner and direct a fog jet exactly to the desired position, or there is the option of creating a horizontal fog plane or vertical fog wall. Both variants of the dusting system can be combined without any problems.  

There are different ways of starting the build-up of the fog wall or fog level before the dust is created: with the help of radio remote controls that are switched on and off manually, or with a light barrier that detects the wheel loader and causes the system to fog for a preset time. Ultrasonic sensors are also used. The system is modular and easily expandable.

A diagnostic function creates protocols with the following parameters: Functional check of the mist generation at the spray mist head and leak test of the lines. The diagnosis is carried out independently and program-controlled in connection with a PLC control. The intervals of the diagnosis can be freely selected and adapted to the respective conditions. A protocol of the tests carried out is stored and can be retrieved. This function is extremely important, especially in factories where explosive dusts can occur. Faults in the system or failures are thus detected immediately and appropriate measures can be taken. By networking the system with a higher-level control system, additional functions can be created, such as documentation of when the system or individual fogging points of the system were in operation, which serves as proof for the authorities.

NEBOLEX ES20 Cube is an EAC-certified mobile supply unit, with control and max. 6 valve groups. The robust design of the patented spray nozzles makes it ideal for use in harsh environments on crushing plants, belt dischargers, feed hoppers, etc. The nozzles are protected from damage by the stainless steel enclosures. The system can also be operated in extreme minus temperatures. Frost protection is ensured with Nebolex by a trace heating system as well as insulated media lines and the blow-out function. During the standby mode or standby state – the useful functions are temporarily deactivated – the system is completely drained so that the system is free of water and no frost damage can occur.

Customers increasingly want solutions from a single source. NEBOLEX Umwelttechnik offers an all-round service. On-site consultation (by appointment), development of optimal solutions for the respective problem, drawings, assembly and commissioning, also outside Europe, up to service with maintenance and spare parts supply. Thanks to the robust design, neither maintenance nor repair work reduces the profitability of the system.

Detailed information on water consumption, performance, pipe routing, reach and control-related information is provided. For maintenance work, the operators can fall back on the good service of NEBOLEX Umwelttechnik. All installed components have a CE mark and are EAC-certified.


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