A compact-format supply unit

Dust binding using water fog is a complex task for many industries in the mineral resources industry. Health-endangering dust must be reduced in tunnel and underground engineering, and in coal mining. The processing, storage and transfer of bulk materials are also examples when measures for the reduction of dust are needed.

NEBOLEX Umwelttechnik GmbH, based in Kirchberg, in the hilly Hunsrück region, supplies advanced technologies and practically proven solutions for all industrial sectors. New in the stationary dust binding range: the Cube CPC.

The basic Cube features a booster pump, a valve arrangement and a control unit. The inflowing water is compressed by a built-in booster pump. The filter system assures the required water quality. The water is fed into the distributor unit, from which it is then fed via solenoid valves to the individual irrigation points.

The NEBOLEX Cube can be flexibly used on operational sites, and also mounted on palates for mobility. Various irrigation points can be individually actuated. Handling is quick and easy - just connect water and power and you‘re ready to go. No complicated and expensive housings.

The system can be equipped with an anti-frost expulsion module. This is fixed to the basic variant. The system weighs 550 kg with the module, and 300 kg without. The Cube is heated and assures winter operation down to -10 °C.

Other products include the mobile, fully automatic fog canon from EmiControls. And the fire-brigade hose is still used even today. In this method, some areas are reached only poorly, or not at all, while others are flooded. The latter then results in slurry formation. This form of dust binding is neither effective, nor does it conform to modern-day environmental standards.

Water fog machines guarantee universal atomisation. Multiple nozzles make it possible to regulate the fog spray. Systematic adjustment of the fog during the presence of dust, using a radio remote control, helps to save resources. The water fog machine saves up to 50 % water compared to conventional systems.


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