Trade show duo premieres new stand concept

Focus on technologies for granules, powder, bulk solids and recycling

The SOLIDS & RECYCLING-TECHNIK Dortmund 2020 is the trade show duo for technologies for granules, powder, bulk solids and recycling. In addition to a wide-ranging exhibition, this business platform also provides a high-grade side-events program featuring both new and tried-and-proven partners on up-to-the-minute topics in the bulk materials and recycling industries. With its new stand concept and the „Touch & Collect“ smart fairs technology, the organiser, Easyfairs, puts an even greater focus on providing an easy and effective forum for interchange between exhibitors and specialist fair visitors.

Strong alone – unbeatable together

At the Messe Dortmund exhibition facilities on 1 and 2 April 2020, 500 German and international companies will be showing their latest technologies and solutions for the bulk materials and recycling industry. Specialist visitors from both Germany and abroad will have the opportunity, in no less than four exhibition halls, of interacting with and obtaining information from well-known companies on the technical future of their respective sectors of industry.

The focus of the SOLIDS will be on materials processing, handling and storage, and also on the conveyance and analysis of granulates, powders and bulk products, while the RECYCLING-TECHNIK will concentrate on the reprocessing of secondary raw materials and the environmentally safe disposal of waste. Sandrina Schempp, Event Director for SOLIDS & RECYCLING-TECHNIK Dortmund, explains the reasoning behind this particular combination of trade shows: „There are great overlaps between the technologies which are used in the respective operating cycles of these specialist sectors. Let‘s take, in view of its topicality, the subject of plastics recycling, for example: in the context of company-internal recycling processes for the recovery of pure-fraction feed materials, we frequently talk, inter alia, about separation technologies, conveying systems, comminution technology, dedusting and storage methods. All of these are also components in bulk-materials process engineering, if indeed differently used, and the technological products are, in fact, the same. In addition, a major part of the intermediate and end products of the recycling process are, in fact, bulk materials. This „trade show  duo“ thus highlights undeniable synergy effects on both the exhibitor and the visitor side.“

The diversity of the potential applications for these technologies is also reflected in the visitor portfolios of the two platforms. Specialist visitors come from virtually all sectors of processing industry. The CEOs and sales managers from mechanical and plant engineering, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, foods and feeds, and also from the mineral resources industry, are all seeking technologies and solutions. But decision-makers from the wood, glass, plastics, demolition waste and building-materials recycling sectors and from the paper, scrap and metallurgical industries can also feel at home at our event.

Tight focus on topics at this trade show duo

To remain in touch with the pulse of the times and to present future-orientated topics in the industry to specialist visitors and exhibitors, Easyfairs practises extremely close interchange with its competence partners. This enables it to offer not only the exhibition section, but also a broad and diverse side-events programme to permit a high level of knowledge transfer. Expert interchange, interaction and discussions between specialist visitors and industry experts on subjects important for these industries are thus guaranteed. They take place utilising a range of formats:

Specialist papers

In close cooperation with both new and already familiar competence partners, specialist addresses will be offered on a total of five easily accessible podiums.

The speakers will include:

DGAW e.V., on the subject of „Commercial waste - an update“

Dr. Dirk Textor, on the subject of „Packaging recycling“, with speakers from: Grüner Punkt, the Central Packaging Register Office and the Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety

IAB Weimar, on „BauCycle and bulk-materials simulation“

Technische Hochschule Ostwestfalen Lippe University of Applied Sciences, on the topic of „Life-science technologies“

WFZruhr Wirtschaftsförderungszentrum Ruhr für Entsorgungs- u. Verwertungstechnik, Ruhr-region economic development centre for disposal and recycling technology

vero e.V., „Building-materials recycling“

The SOLIDS & RECYCLING-TECHNIK Dort-mund is also being supported, for the first time, by:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Uli Barth (Bergische University of Wuppertal), on „Explosion safety“

Digital in NRW, „Digitisation in SMEs“

The „Haus der Technik“ firm of technical event organisers and publishers

Guided tours

In the context of four subject-specific tours of the fair, Dr. Olaf Enger will be guiding interested fair visitors to the stands of exhibiting companies. These will be presenting their products and solutions for the following topics to small groups of interested persons in ten-minute demonstrations:

Dust control

More stringent environmental and safety-at-work provisions have resulted in the further lowering of workplace-exposure and emissions limits for particulates, and for fine quartz dust, in particular. The companies using and processing the relevant materials, and also their subsuppliers, are thus obliged to devote more intensive attention than ever before to the subjects of dust avoidance, housing-in of dust sources, and dedusting.

Resources and energy-efficiency

Saving energy is the topic of our age. The subject of resources efficiency has also penetrated ever more intensively into public consciousness and the political focus in recent years. Applied to manufacturing industry, both can be attained only by means of the most efficient possible use of resources and energy.

Digital measurement of material flows/bulk materials is coming!

Digitisation is the industry‘s mega topic par excellence. It starts, however, with the acquisition of measured data. This tour is intended to spotlight processes and technologies which assist in obtaining data from bulk materials.

Complete and uniform discharge of bulk-materials vessels and silos

For production-technology reasons, the flow of bulk materials from silos and other vessels must be as uniform as possible. Bridging, blockages, irregular discharge and residues must be avoided. They result in lower production, extra work and costs, and contamination - and, in some cases, in static charges and safety issues.


Two congresses held in parallel to the SOLIDS & RECYCLING-TECHNIK will provide opportunities for exchange of specialist knowledge:


The 9th URBAN MINING Congress will examine the subject of the „Implementation of the Circular Economy Act“ on the criteria of product responsibility and the rebound effect. Focal topics will be: building/insulation, energy/wind power, motor vehicles/carbon.

Fire and Explosion Safety Congress

Initiated in 2014, another success story is to be continued within the framework of the SOLIDS in spring 2020. INDEX, the international fire and explosion safety association, will be holding the 5th Fire and Explosion Safety Congress in parallel to the trade show duo. Specialist visitors who are interested in gaining further training in the form of highly instructive addresses by experts with decades of experience in the field of industrial explosion safety will find here a balanced blend of specialist papers and practical information.

An effective fair concept for all attendees

Easyfairs, with its fair concept and in its compact two-day format, ideally meets the requirements of exhibitors and participants: initiation of business, maintenance of networks and promotion of knowledge transfer on the latest industry trends. And no matter whether a small, medium-sized or large company: the fair organiser will equip every exhibiting firm with a complete, ready-to-use exhibition stand. The new „Full Visual“ stand concept enables the companies to showcase themselves individually, in their full corporate design. This also creates a new „atmosphere“ for the specialist visitor, without any loss of the primary focus: creating new and maintaining existing contacts, and smoothing the way for new business. Exhibitors are enabled to present to decision-makers from the processing industries their products and technical innovations immediately on the spot.

Touch & Collect smart trade show technology enhances the interchange of information

The latest Smart Badge technology makes the exchange of contact data and information between exhibitors and specialist visitors to the SOLIDS & RECYCLING-TECHNIK Dortmund even easier. Interested persons can use a smart visitor‘s pass to scan the reader devices fixed to the exhibition stands in order to obtain digital access to exhibitor and product information.

DGAW (German Waste Management Association)

Implementation of the Commercial Waste Regulations: What are the results?

How much more commercial waste could be recycled? Have the separate-collection and pre-treatment obligations been met? Or have there been exceptions on the grounds of „technical impossibility“ and „not economically reasonable“? Have these somewhat vague legal terms been defined more precisely in practice? How are the producers, owners and disposal organisations coping with the extensive documentation obligations? What is the picture with enforcement?

Top-rank speakers will be discussing these and other questions connected with the implementation of the new Commercial Waste Regulations with interested attendees at a DGAW meeting on 1 April 2020 held in the run-up to the RECYCLING-TECHNIK in Dortmund.



Wednesday, 1 April 2020, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Thursday, 2 April 2020, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Venue: Messe Dortmund, Halls 4, 5, 6 and 7 Rheinlanddamm 200 D-44139 Dortmund/Germany
Free-of-charge fair admission using Code 2603 or via


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