Issue 05/2018



Crystal clear

Dear reader, This time, our cover story will take you on a trip to Yorkshire/GB to the family-run scrap yard of Schofield. Besides other scrap metal, above all high-quality cast materials are...


recovery spotlight

metal recovery

Tradition and modernity combined

Metal recycling history in Colne Valley since 1876

The Schofield family‘s scrap yard is unique in Great Britain, not only because of its idyllic location on a hill near Huddersfield/Yorkshire but also the material and how it is processed here deserve...


waste recovery

glass recovery


Glass recycling – Current market trends

Depending on the degree of purity achieved in the processing of cullets from waste glass recycling, glass can be melted as often as desired and converted into new products. As is the case with many...


plastics recovery

paper recovery

Short cut to success

Efficient management of corrugated „waste“

Online retail is flourishing, the logistics required to deliver people‘s purchases are becoming increasingly sophisticated, but just about every purchase now comes in at least one box. The corrugated...