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This time, our cover story will take you on a trip to Yorkshire/GB to the family-run scrap yard of Schofield. Besides other scrap metal, above all high-quality cast materials are processed - read more about that in our article “Tradition and Modernity United”. 

Glass has a good reputation: it is tasteless - and thus perfectly suitable for the use in the food industry - but also in the fields of technology and medical science, it is a frequently used material, with unlimited recycling potential at consistent quality. Given such characteristics and a considerably lower energy consumption when waste glass is used, one would expect high recycling rates. However, only the recycling rates of container glass reach the maximum of 90 %; the global average is considerably lower and strongly depends on the respective glass and field of application. A comprehensive overview of global and regional recycling rates based on the glass types, applied recycling technologies and future challenges is given in an article entitled “Potential” by Dr. Joachim Harder. 

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Dr. Petra Strunk, editor-in-chief of recovery Recycling Technology Worldwide


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