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Efficient management of corrugated „waste“

Online retail is flourishing, the logistics required to deliver people‘s purchases are becoming increasingly sophisticated, but just about every purchase now comes in at least one box. The corrugated board and cardboard industry is growing as demand increases and is manufacturing more high-quality product faster with each passing year. Each new generation of machinery and each new leap in productivity also comes with a side effect: an increased amount of process waste, taking up valuable storage space and tying up expensive labour. Fully automated disposal processes from the die cutter to the baling press are providing relief to the corrugated board industry and ensuring a further increase in productivity.

Höcker Polytechnik GmbH in Hilter/Germany has been supporting the leading corrugated board and cardboard packaging producers around the world for more than 30 years. As a full-service provider, Höcker creates automated disposal routes from the factory to waste management. Filter systems ensure optimum production conditions, special shredder solutions prepare bulky process waste for easy transport, conveyor belts or pneumatic pipe systems are used to transport it, and the materials are processed according to type in the waste management centre. Each step is fully automated and requires a minimum of personnel. This allows the customer to focus fully on production and have a single point of contact for the entire waste management system.

Dust-free production with MultiStar filter systems

Dust-free production ensures high product quality and optimal working conditions. To this end, dust must be efficiently extracted directly at its source. Powerful MultiStar filter systems with several 100 000 m3/h extraction performance provide the required vacuum, and special extraction systems on each machine consistently remove dust at the source. The advantages of the pressure-shock tested MultiStar filter systems become even clearer in practical applications due to their energy-efficient operation and space-saving design, since IE-3 clean air fans are integrated in the fan module at the top of the filter housing.

Make it small, make it portable

There is one simple rule for process waste in corrugated board manufacturing: Make it small so it can be transported. Höcker Polytechnik offers the right shredder solution for every application. Edge strips are shredded by special tearing fans, gripper edges and punching grids are shredded directly at the punch, and the centre cut-out can be portioned by conveyor belt shredders. Manual shredder solutions such as the PHS/PHSH shredder are suitable for sheet material and the annoying sleeves can also be processed for the baler with the PHH shredder. With the PHSH shredder, Höcker Polytechnik offers a particularly economical solution, because it can process both tubes and sheets.

All these shredder solutions have one thing in common: the shredded cardboard can then be conveyed without any problems.

Conveying process waste

Complex belt systems below production and/or pneumatic transport solutions which use clean air fans to vacuum material off the filter automate transport to the waste management centre.

Efficient recycling

Dust emissions need to be eliminated even in the last step of the waste management chain. A compact PMA material separator works directly on the baler and separates coarse material from dust. A baler or container press then handles the process waste. The dust is extracted by the filter system and the integrated press turns it into briquettes for easy, safe, and clean storage.

The interaction of these process steps ensures the most efficient waste management possible. The use of energy-efficient technology for filtering, shredding, transport, and processing ensures further benefits. Even more important, however, is experience. Höcker’s disposal professionals have successfully implemented such disposal concepts in more than 100 plants to date. Our customers benefit from this mix of innovation and experience, allowing them to reduce labour, storage, and energy costs to creates competitive advantages.

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There is one simple rule for process waste
in corrugated board manufacturing:
Make it small so it can be transported

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