metal recovery

New 12.5-tonne crane for Bunting-Redditch

A new 12.5-tonne overhead crane and a pillar mounted slewing jib crane are the latest investments at Bunting’s magnetic separator and metal detector manufacturing facility in Redditch/UK. The new...


Environmentally friendly ship recycling and green steel production

In Germany, two pilot projects are under way for the dismantling of obsolete ships with the environmentally friendly waterjet abrasive suspension system. ANT AG's high-performance, energy-efficient...


Metal separation from plastic flake

A UK plastic recycler has installed a Bunting Metal Separation Module to separate ferrous and non-ferrous metal from plastic flake. The Metal Separation Module features Vibratory Feeders, a Drum...

Issue 2023-04 Next milestone in the metal segment

AUTOSORTTM PULSE with dynamic LIBS technology

TOMRA Recycling Sorting, introduced a new machine featuring dynamic laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS). Designed for high throughput sorting of aluminum alloys, AUTOSORT™ PULSE redefines...

Issue 2023-04 Fine metal sorting

REDWAVE XRF fine setting new standards in performance and precision

REDWAVE, one of the world leaders in XRF sensor-based sorting technology, has introduced the  next generation of sorting machines. The cutting-edge REDWAVE XRF fine sorting machine sets new benchmarks...

Issue 2023-04 Latest evolutionary stage

Maximum Aluminium Purity

In order to conserve resources, we need to reuse raw materials as often as we can. This requires recycling materials flows that have as high and as consistent a quality as possible. It is only with...


Bunting sponsors REPM 2023

Bunting has signed up as a gold sponsor of REPM 2023, the 27th international workshop on rare earth and future permanent magnets and their applications (3-7 September, University of Birmingham/UK)....

Issue 2023-03 Innovative sorting system

Coin recovery from industrial waste incineration and car scrap

REDWAVE, one of the leading providers of metal recycling solutions, introduces the new sensor-based sorting system REDWAVE CX coin sorter, an innovative sorting system that revolutionizes coin...


Bunting’s metal recovery solutions at E-Waste World Conference 2023

The effective recovery of valuable metals is an important step in the economic viability of recycling e-waste. Technology that maximises metal recovery and purity is the focus for Bunting on stand 110...


Heraeus Precious Metals invests about 35 million € in the expansion of precious metals recycling in Hanau/Germany

Heraeus Precious Metals, one of the leading suppliers of precious metal products and one of the largest recyclers of platinum group metals, is expanding its recycling capacities in Germany with a € 35...