Flexible and diverse

Dear Readers,The interesting thing about the recycling industry is its flexibility and adaptability. There are few statements here like „we‘ve always done it this way.“ The material flow and the...


recovery spotlight

REWIMET Symposium August 23-24, 2023

“I believe that the decade we are in right now is the decade of the greatest changes in the economy and society that we have seen in decades,“ said Olaf Lies in 2021 – still as Lower Saxony‘s...


Werner Herbold moves into active retirement

After more than 40 years of dedicated service, Managing Director Werner Herbold has entered his planned retirement. Werner Herbold was managing director and co-owner of Herbold Meckesheim, a recycling...


metal recovery

waste recovery

Digitalization for a comprehensive circular economy

Material stock always available with 3D LiDAR

Optimizing recycling plants through collecting and processing status and process data is a vital factor in achieving a comprehensive circular economy. However, one question that has yet to be answered...


plastics recovery

Competitive edge

Keeping pace with high-quality recycled resin

Production of recycled plastic content is far from meeting demand, posing major industry challenges. Embracing the latest technological advancement in flake sorting helps bridge the gap between supply...

Economically successful - ecologically sensible

Recycling capacities in North America further expanded

Recycling plastics in a way that is both economically successful and makes ecological sense is something that was hardly imaginable for many just a few years ago. The recycling machine manufacturer...


biowaste recovery

GORE® Cover System Technology

Interview with Ulf Harig

The revised Waste Framework Directive (Direc­tive 2018/851/EU, §10) stipulates that by the end of 2023 organic waste must either be collected separately or recycled at source. Municipalities must...


battery recovery

textile recovery

Textile circular economy

The sorting challenge

To this day, only a tiny fraction of discarded textiles is recycled. While the clothing industry has doubled production in the last 15 years, the time garments are worn has fallen by more than 30 %....