REWIMET Symposium August 23-24, 2023

“I believe that the decade we are in right now is the decade of the greatest changes in the economy and society that we have seen in decades,“ said Olaf Lies in 2021 – still as Lower Saxony‘s environment minister – at the last REWIMET Symposium.

Minister of Economics Olaf Lies
© Rewimet

Minister of Economics Olaf Lies
© Rewimet
That was about half a year before the outbreak of war in Ukraine. At the latest now it becomes clear that raw material supplies from other countries are not a matter of course for our economy. Only smart resource management will enable us to make the transformation to climate neutrality and reduce d“ependencies at all. Olaf Lies, now Lower Saxony‘s Minister of Economics, Transport, Building and Digitalization, will open the REWIMET Symposium 2023. More than 100 visitors are expected to attend. Through Germany Trade and Invest GmbH, REWIMET has invited a business delegation from the USA to pave the way for further cooperation.

Presentations will examine the importance of recycled raw materials from various angles, including greenhouse gas emission savings, increased security of supply, and advances in quality assurance for recycled raw materials. The focus is on metals, batteries, and mineral raw materials. The region of Southeast Lower Saxony, where the REWIMET Symposium will take place, has been accepted into the Circular Cities and Regions Program of the EU in 2022. This is both a recognition and an obligation, as the industrial heart of Lower Saxony beats in this region.

The symposium facilitates valuable contacts between companies in the sector and the research institutions that are relevant to the Circular Economy. Common research interests are identified and translated into projects. U.S. delegate pitches and topic tables are prepared to launch collaborations. Company visits for the U.S. delegates are also on the agenda.

The event is hosted by REWIMET e.V. (Recycling Cluster of Economically Strategic Metals) – a network of companies, scientific institutions, and local authorities. Its main purpose is to ensure the availability of raw materials through recycling. The focus is on promoting science and research to develop recycling strategies and processes to industrial implementation.


REWIMET e.V.: Dr. Dirk Schöps, Cluster Manager;


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