Flexible and diverse

Dear Readers,

The interesting thing about the recycling industry is its flexibility and adaptability. There are few statements here like „we‘ve always done it this way.“ The material flow and the materials to be processed change continuously and the recycling industry almost simultaneously finds solutions to deal with these materials or to develop processes to transform these materials from waste to new secondary raw materials. At the same time, material flows are disappearing, and the established recovery processes are no longer fed and have to change as well. This also makes our recovery exciting for us, who are always looking for new topics, new processes and new challenges in the reprocessing of waste materials, and hopefully for you, as readers, as those who live these topics in practice.

A wide range of topics are addressed in this issue. The cover story starting on p. 6 introduces you to the Sanit-Trans company in Poland. Waste streams are sorted and processed there. Now, in addition to a glass sorting plant, one of the most modern processing lines for the production of high-quality alternative fuels in the whole of Poland is also available there. The integrated shredding technology for the production of these secondary fuels was supplied, installed and commissioned by Vecoplan AG.

We wish you an interesting time with the many different topics concerning the processing of our waste or residual materials in the third issue of recovery.


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