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The energy turnaround brings many advantages and is a necessary prerequisite for being able to rely on a sufficient raw material base in the future - but it also brings many challenges. New processes have to be developed, implemented and tested for their practicality. The need for new, efficient recycling processes is great, especially in the energy and automotive sectors. Low-CO2 or CO2-neutral energy sources usually mean the use of valuable metals that have to be recycled at the end of the plants‘ lives.

Read our cover story “Safe long-term investment – BHS-Sonthofen receives order for BASF battery recycling plant“. BHS-Sonthofen is supplying BASF with a complete line for the mechanical reprocessing of lithium-ion batteries into black mass at BASF‘s Schwarzheide site. The heart of the line will be the HTC vacuum dryer from BHS. The material will be autogenously heated, broken down, homogenized and further processed. Commissioning of the plant is scheduled for 2024.

In this issue you will find many other exciting articles on the recycling of photovoltaic systems, textiles, wood, and metal.


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