Looking forward to meeting you again!

Dear Readers,

Great events cast their shadows ahead! You have probably already noticed that this recovery issue is more extensive and weightier than our other issues. The reason is obvious – in May IFAT is on the agenda. Many companies have already revealed what they want to present at IFAT. From page 20 you can get a preliminary overview. And recovery team is looking forward to all the meetings and discussions with our readers on-site!

A new process to recycle electroplating waste is described in our article on page 96. With this a combination of three processes is used: selective mechanical pre-treatment with integrated metal separation, melt filtration and the CreaSolv® process. The goal here is to utilize the waste almost completely.

Recovery of phosphorus – potentials for a technical and commercial solution? - this question is covered on page 88. After the kick-off meeting to which the Work Group Circular Econmoy (AK KrW) of the CLEANTEC Initiative East Germany (CIO) had already invited last year, there was now a second meeting on this exciting topic.
Have fun with our “IFAT issue”

Dr. Petra Strunk

Editor-in-chief recovery


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