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Dear Readers,

The RECYCLING-TECHNIK Dortmund 2018 casts its shadow ahead. At the fair, which will take place from 7 to 8 November together with the SOLIDS, a total of around 500 companies will present themselves in ​
4 halls. 7000 visitors are expected. In addition to the extensive supporting program, the International Cooperation Exchange will be taking place for the second time this year at booth X 08-7 of the WFZruhr - the competence network of the waste management and recycling industry in NRW. A number of companies already give us a look at the highlights of their stands during short interviews. Read our trade fair special from page 20 onwards.

Microplastics - since we have become aware of the problem, it is only gradually that the extent of the environmental impact of microplastics becomes clear. The article “Microplastics – everywhere and in abundance“ on page 64 reports on the main results of a study on the state of knowledge on micro- and macroplastics.

The article “GKD filter media for microplastics or phosphorus recovery“ (from page 58) presents filter media for the recovery of both microplastic and phosphorus from sewage sludge.

Wishing you an interesting time with the new issue of recovery

Dr. Petra Strunk, Editor-in-Chief recovery


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