RDF production

High performance granulator ensures continuity and higher production

Since 2005, Tönsmeier Wertstoffe GmbH & Co. KG is operating a sorting plant at its branch in  Landsberg OT Oppin/Germany. Part of this plant is a lightweight packaging sorting plant with a connected downstream RDF plant. In total, up to 135 000 t per annum lightweight packing is sorted and up to 40 000 t per annum of RDF is produced in a two-shifts operation.

In order to ensure and expand the existing production capacity of the RDF plant, one of the two granulators in the plant was replaced in April 2018 by a new Granulator type AG2008 from THM recycling solutions GmbH. The modernisation of the plant included the removal of the 13-year-old machine from the same manufacturer, conversion work on the inlet funnel, replacement of the electrical control cabinet and the installation of the new granulator Type AG2008. The comprehensive conversion of the plant was completed by the installation team of company THM recycling solutions GmbH with the participation of Tönsmeier employees in 4 working days. After the conversion, the modernized plant went into production mode without transition. The production capacity of the new granulator is approx. 12 t/h with a grain size of 90 % smaller than 30 mm.

The family-owned company Tönsmeier operates across Europe as a recycling service provider and energy supplier with a wide range of services. More than 3000 employees serve municipal customers, dual system carriers and customers from industry. With around 1100 vehicles and more than 30 processing, sorting and recycling plants Tönsmeier makes an important contribution to the conservation of natural resources.



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