Waste Tire Disposal

Scoring in challenging times with innovations and customer-specific disposal solutions

Flexibility, speed, quality and innovation are the pillars of Austropressen Roither Maschinenbau GmbH, Seewalchen/Austria, supporting the company even more as economic times become tougher. Thereby ensuring competency and manpower to serve traditional markets, production in niche markets and acquisition of new markets.

Austropressen in principle relies on many parameters to ensure true benefit to all participants in all industries, markets and countries:

a wide range of products

broad spread of innovation and service strength

customised production

planning, manufacture, installation – all under one roof

Overall, this explains the huge economic success of Austropressen , even in the past year. This furthermore also explains the sustained customer loyalty – in some cases spanning over 30 years – and their confidence when ordering the development and manufacture of energy efficient products, even in times of crisis.

Technical innovations

Austropressen hallmarks include constant optimisation, seminal innovation and customised machine configuration, all at top quality standards. With its slogan “Technology of the future, for the future” the company is geared for progress into the future. Especially customers in the food retail sector and mail order trade have over the past year benefited from particularly effective channel baling presses for distribution centres.

Austropressen strives to be as independent as possible from suppliers and hypermarkets. This is achieved based on depth of manufacture and large-scale warehousing. This ensures that spares will at all times be ready for customers. The large stock of hydraulic and electric components, in particular, ensured that pandemic-related shortages of such bought-in parts could easily be compensated for.

Investment in the future

The current extension of company premises, constant modernisation of machinery (laser, painting and sand blasting plant), upgrades of electrical systems (software development and programming) and, last but not least, increased numbers of highly trained and specialised staff all made significant contributions to the company’s present and future economic prospects.

The focus in terms of Austropressen energy policy is on efficiency and sustainability. Power, for instance, is supplied by solar panels and the focus in terms of investment into machinery will always be on efficiency; take, for instance, the new CNC laser cutting machine, modern hall ventilation, environmentally friendly LED lighting and heat recovery.

Stimuli in practice: efficient and economic recycling of tyres

The AP-F42 baling press, designed for foams and other strongly expansive materials such as textiles and latex, boasts high throughput rates, high bale weights and the speed and reliability to meet all requirements for professional disposal.

Austropressen has performed in-depth material and performance tests to prove that the AP-F42 foam press will produce perfect results also for recycling of tyres.

Convincing material tests with car tyres:

significant savings in terms of storage & transport!

The AP-F42 produced bale dimensions of 1000 x 700 x 1300 mm to pack about 70 car tyres onto a euro-pallet. This will produce bale weights of 660 kg for average tyre weights of 9 kg.

Decisive AP-F42 advantages at a glance:

The large loading aperture will ensure high throughputs and the reinforced retention system in the compaction chamber ensures constantly available loading space. This guarantees continuous operation.

420 kN pressing force and the retention system will guarantee the enormous approx. 400 to 700 kg (depending on material) bale weights with bale sizes of 1000 x 700 x 1300 mm.

The baling wire is applied with the simple and fast Quick-Link wiring system: 8-fold cross binding (3 x horizontal and 5 x vertical).

Finished and dimensionally stable bales, ideally dimensioned for container transport, are automatically ejected.

Operation of the modern display showing overviews and real-time information is convincing:

Display of the pressing process and messaging when bales are ready for binding.

Information and an overview of technical data (fill level, oil temperature etc.).

Error messages with notes for remediation and tips for the operator, for fast and cost-effective response.

Tradition as the basis for tomorrow

Founded in 1953 as a metalworking shop in the centre of Seewalchen/Austria, Roither Maschinenbau GmbH today supplies waste management and recycling systems worldwide. Austropressen products are in action today in more than 50 countries across all continents.

“Innovation and flexibility enabled continuous and reliable growth of business. This proved itself, especially in times of crisis,” confirms senior partner Franz Roither.

Managing Director Philipp Roither adds: “We are able to achieve this high quality and ensure future success thanks only to our competent specialists, who are largely educated in-house, and our modern machinery.”


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