Intelligent waste management

Austropressen channel baling presses for the trading companies of the Otto Group in Haldensleben

Ongoing optimisation and innovation, customised machine configurations and international quality standards – these are the hallmarks of the Austropressen of Roither Maschinenbau GesmbH, Seewalchen/Austria. Under the lead by Managing Directors Franz and Philipp Roither, the Austropressen team demonstrates how the requirements and demands of each customer are satisfied to perfection. Austropressen will present at the FACHPACK 2019 its novelties and the wide range of solutions for the packaging industry and waste management systems, e.g. vertical baling press APV easyline, horizontal baling presses.

Energy efficient top performance convincingly demonstrated at the Otto Group Haldensleben dispatch centre

Hermes Fulfilment GmbH operates the central depot for the trading companies of the Otto Group in Haldensleben (Saxony-Anhalt/Germany). The dispatch centre has seen constant extensions since 2010 because smooth and fast handling requires constantly increasing capacities. The first Austropressen channel baling press APK-D42 was commissioned in 2017 and two more have since 2018 been working highly successfully in this active company. The Haldensleben location operates with a staff complement of about 3700, picking and loading up to 300 000 parcels per day on these original company premises.

Coping with the huge volumes of packaging materials easily and quickly demands true power of performance to ensure uninterrupted and fully automatic compact baling of the cardboard material.

With their peak performance and minimum energy consumption, the modern Austropressen plants achieve continuous, efficient operation. The three machines are all equipped with a frequency converter driven 30 kW unit. Frequency converter, drive stops and optimised hydraulic equipment together reduced overall energy consumption by around 30 %. This high and yet economic power of performance has been achieved at minimum acoustic emission. This is based on a special quiet pump and specific intelligent installations. The result: optimal and safe staff working conditions.

Formats and output

Bale dimensions of 1000 x 750 x 1200-1300 mm deliver bale weights between 400 and 450 kg for cardboard. Automatic pressure-dependent adjustment of three sides of the channel is advantageous here. Hourly outputs of 390 m³ are theoretically achievable, despite of pressure forces by 420 kN.

Output and economy

The 30 kW drive units are frequency converter powered and sensors in the hopper ensure immediate switch-off in case of no infeed. This translates to intelligent efficiency of energy consumption and cost. Reduction and optimisation are also factored into processing. This is achieved by the fully automatic and wire-saving DRILLFIX binding system and 3-fold horizontal binding with added wire monitoring system. The patented cutting system will minimise jamming of materials, energy consumption per pressing cycle and cutter material wear. Exchangeable HARDOX floor plates will reduce overall wear.

Operation and management

The silent pump in the hydraulic tank reduces acoustic emission to a minimum. An oil care system will also save costs. The cooling, heating and cleaning system will multiply the service life of hydraulic equipment and fluid. Connection to the in-house network for transmission of machine data will allow permanent observation and control (number of bales and error messages). This additional access will also allow fast and cost-effective remote maintenance at all times.

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