Roither Maschinenbau GesmbH: special anniversary 2018

Austropressen celebrates 45 years of market success and Roither Maschinenbau looks back on 65 years of corporate success. Innovations, customised machine configurations and international quality standards are the hallmarks of all the Austropressen presses from Roither Maschinenbau GesmbH. The family owned company in Seewalchen in Austria, currently managed by the third generation, has for decades been the standard-bearer for the highest competence in custom-made waste disposal solutions. The responsibility for this lies with the Managing Directors, Franz and Philipp Roither, together with their strong team. 2018 is a very special year for the entire company.

Traditional operation with great innovative power

Roither Maschinenbau was founded as a metalworking company in 1953 by Franz Roither Senior. The first baling press was produced in 1973 under the Austropressen brand name. This was rapidly followed by the development of series of practice-oriented presses and the construction of a European distribution network. 2007 and 2017 saw the construction of additional production halls and an expansion of the production area. Optimised production processes and logistics ensured a renewed improvement in product quality. The target of always being capable of producing at the cutting edge of technology was the basis for the huge growth of the machine stock and the constant increase in production capacity.

Major investment in expansion of the
production halls and the machine stock

Roither Maschinenbau consistently invests in the expansion of its production areas and the extension and modernisation of its machine stock. At the end of a construction period of some 10 months new halls with 3000 m² production and storage area were commissioned in the winter of 2017

As well as providing the new halls and installations, a total investment of approximately 4 million Euros allowed the creation of modern workstations, which now offer top level convenience, comfort and quality. Among other facilities an innovative hall ventilation system has been installed. LED illumination and heat recovery in the heating system save energy and protect the environment. The next step is a 400 m² photovoltaic system on the hall roof for in-house energy production.

Innovation in the machine sector is represented by the parts washing and sand blasting systems. These guarantee clean, efficient preparation for painting and ensure high, consistent paint quality. Incidentally, this is provided by the new paint shop. Robotic welding machines and two new CNC processing centres significantly increase production capacity and generate additional employment posts.

APK-ES – top performance with unique features for waste disposal professionals

The basic characteristic of the new Austropressen APK-ES is their high standard, which becomes obvious in operation. The systems are fully automated, reliable, fast and energy-efficient. The list of standard equipment shows both the range and the high level of quality.

The pressure force range of 60 to 135 t offers professional performance for the waste disposal sector.

The new patented solutions for the binding and cutting systems make cross-bindings superfluous even for difficult materials such a PET bottles or drink cans. This considerably reduces the costs for wire. Depending on the material to be pressed, the machines can be fitted with vertical or horizontal binding.

The completely newly-designed and patented cutting system decisively reduces the machines‘ energy expenditure. This successfully minimises material jams and energy consumption per press cycle and wear and tear on the cutting tool is reduced.

In the event of overfilling or material jams the automatic fault removal ensures that the press works reliably and continuously.

Energy efficiency is ensured by two separate hydraulic pumps and a specific control system for the APK channel baling press. This intelligent circuit triggers full power only when required, which gives energy savings of up to 40 %.

Fine tuning on hydraulics, channel regulation and binding offer a wide choice of programmes and a plethora of configuration options. This enables the machine to deal correctly with a variety of materials to achieve outstanding bale quality.

Expandable remote servicing modules, such as Profinet and AustroSim offer additional benefits for internal monitoring, including rapid, cost-effective support, transfer of statistics by e-mail (e.g. fault messages, bale number and length, energy required per bale and much more), monitoring of bale quality and energy consumption.

One of the absolute strengths of the APK-ES is the high degree of customisation and its ease of adjustment for implementing customer-specific requirements.

APK-ES105 with automated binding for wire or plastic for FCC  

For 30 years the FCC Group subsidiary, ENTSORGA in Tainach/Austria has operated a waste disposal site and recycling facility. Since February 2018 a new Austropressen APK-ES105 channel baling press with top-quality equipment has been in use there. Austropressen engineers collected and implemented the requirements jointly with their technical manager, Hans-Jürgen Buch. The press processes large quantities of residual waste and commercial waste and the bales are bound automatically with wire or plastic. Overview of the essential features of the machine:

Compression force 1050 kN (in the event of material jam 1150 kN) and theoretical performance of 980 m³/h

Drive 2 x 45 kW and double pump operation for high energy efficiency

The fully automated binding system can  be feed with plastic or steel wire.

5-fold horizontal strapping with mobile tying for easy access for servicing.

Sliding shield: The binding ports remain closed during the pressing process in order to prevent discharge of the residual material and liquids. The result is a clean working space for the operators and the adjoining plant. Value-protecting side effect: longer life expectancy (no pollution of the machine parts), faster servicing and reduced cleaning costs.

Cover caps for binding ports on the pressing plate remain closed during the pressing process; this prevents material jams and malfunctions and stoppages are almost excluded.

Changeable Hardox wear plates not only on the base, but also on the side walls, the pressing plate and in the channel. This results in optimum bale quality for every mixture of materials and at the same time significantly reduces wear and tear.

Automatic lubrication system for the pressing plate

Transfer of machine data via SmartView

APK-ES shows its power in Tainach

At the FCC-ENTSORGA site in Tainach residual waste, bulky waste and commercial waste are compacted. An average of 22 t/h (in peak periods, such as at Christmas, up to 35 t/h) is processed by the new channel baling press. The material is fully automatically compressed into bales in formats of 1.1 x 1.1 x 1.4 – 2 m. Bales of household waste measuring 1.9 m in length weigh up to 2000 kg, while bales of sorted commercial waste measuring 1.4 m in length weigh some 1400 kg.

Austropressen at IFAT 2018 in Munich

Innovation and performance are the main themes for Austropressen at IFAT 2018. Information, exchange and consultation services on the topical issue of the future, “Efficient Waste Management” are the heart of the message. The Roither family will display its most important developments and concrete experiences on a surface of approx. 100 m². This will include the fully automatic APK-ES channel baling press and the newly constructed vertical press series APV easyline.

Hall A5, Stand 115/214


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