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In a world that is increasingly dynamic and constantly evolving, adaptability is not just a competitive advantage but a decisive asset for all companies aiming for excellence. Strengthened by this awareness, Panizzolo Recycling Systems stands out as a benchmark in the metal recycling industry. Over its 30 years of experience, the Italian company has distinguished itself not only for the innovation and efficiency of its systems, but also by encouraging an orientation that prioritizes customer needs and aims to instill a responsive approach to the sector‘s continual changes. To this topics Mauro Panizzolo, owner and commercial manager, and Mauro Bassan, after-sales manager at Panizzolo gave the following interview.


How important is the factor of adaptability within your industry?

Mauro Panizzolo: The metal recycling sector is subject to rapid evolutions. More specifically, we are witnessing an intensification of a trend that had already emerged before the Covid emergency, namely the need to reintroduce an increasing quantity of secondary raw material into the production cycle with ever more advanced and complex facilities, from an End-of-Waste perspective. From a broader perspective, it becomes crucial not only to be able to adapt to the multiple changes but potentially also to anticipate them in order to seize new opportunities. Over the years, we have embraced this approach, offering customers modular and flexible solutions that allow maximizing investments and performance, with efficient and high-quality processing.


To respond to changes and propose innovative solutions, Research and Development activity is essential. What investments are you making from this point of view?

Mauro Panizzolo: In a sector like ours where technological updating tends to be rather slow, we try to always be one step ahead. Thanks to daily confrontation with the sector‘s problems and customer needs, as well as direct tests carried out on our internal metal recycling plant, our team is constantly engaged in the research and development of new solutions.

Over the years, we have also established several collaborations with the Department of Engineering of the University of Padua and with the technical laboratories of numerous foundries, thus analyzing problems and solutions encountered „on the field“ in depth.

Overall, we allocate an average of 3 - 4 % of our turnover to these activities each year: a significant investment that allows us to register important patents and introduce new machinery models, like the Mega hammermill presented in 2022. But because every endpoint for us is a new beginning, we never stop and are working intensely to bring to life a new revolutionary machine that we plan to present by the end of 2024.


How are your systems designed to meet customer needs and improve their adaptability?

Mauro Panizzolo: Starting from an in-depth analysis of the treatment needs and all aspects involved in the process, we internally design cutting-edge solutions that guarantee high modularity and adaptability. Thanks to a close collaboration, each plant is designed according to the customer‘s flow logics and directly adapted to the site, in such a way as to avoid further redesigns and consequently extra costs. Through the combination and integration of machinery, our solutions allow treating various types of scrap to obtain a secondary raw material in line with the expected purity standards. The different recycling solutions can also be combined with a wide range of accessories that the customer can implement at any time, depending on the needs. Essentially, investing in our technologies allows not only to respond to the current market needs but also to be ready to face the future developments of the sector, with long-term profitability.

Speaking of the future and new business opportunities, which are your next goals?

Mauro Panizzolo: In addition to consolidating our position in the national landscape, we are constantly investing resources to strengthen our structure from an international perspective. Our commitment to continuous improvement and to the realization of advanced solutions capable of meeting market needs is bearing fruit. The growing need for secondary raw material is also manifesting abroad, and consequently, complex machinery like ours is increasingly in demand and appreciated. An example is the plant we created for Mughal Iron & Steel, one of the leading companies in the Pakistani steel industry. Through the development of technologically advanced solutions, we managed to cover the entire scrap treatment cycle of the company, also organizing a tailor-made training program for optimal plant management. A strategic and winning partnership that drives us with even more determination to expand our range of action.

Constantly evolving needs and a sector that always presents new challenges. How does the Panizzolo Recycling Academy fit into this landscape?

Mauro Bassan: The concept of our Academy is precisely to prepare our clients to face change, turning it into an opportunity for growth. It is a comprehensive training program aimed at transferring to the client all the necessary skills to effectively manage the functional aspects of a complex plant, both before and after installation. Specifically, through a highly specialized technical team, we offer a training course, divided by topics and adapted to the needs of the end operators. The training combines theory with practice and allows quick and effective learning for all those involved in operation and maintenance. It is an added value that guarantees an excellent transfer of knowledge to our clients, allowing them to operate in the market not only with a tangible competitive advantage but also with a dynamic and open approach to future evolutions.

The training program is thus a significant plus of your proposal. What are the tangible benefits for companies?

Mauro Bassan: All the clients to whom we have offered this service have responded with great enthusiasm, and this positive feedback motivates us to continue in this direction to further enrich the Academy‘s proposal. From our clients, we receive several requests for training packages intended for the entire plant management team, from operators to managers. The results are immediate and concrete, both for new clients and those who are already used to operating such advanced plants: firstly, the machinery works at full capacity, without interruptions, and calls to our service for ordinary low and medium emergency issues significantly decrease. Consequently, the overall yield improves, and the client‘s business certainly benefits. Last but not least, the Academy‘s training generates a more flexible management method and a mindset agile and reactive to changes.


These and other topics will be at the center of your presence at IFAT 2024. What can we expect from this new edition?

Mauro Panizzolo: Our participation at IFAT in Munich will undoubtedly be characterized by a focus on innovation and sustainability. Faced with increasingly urgent environmental challenges, we are focusing on the evolution of cutting-edge technologies, capable of meeting the needs related to the treatment of complex metallic scrap. In addition to presenting the latest news, we want to take this opportunity to share our approach and explore emerging trends and new perspectives of the sector. We look forward to seeing trade visitors at our stand 223/322 in hall B6, where the Panizzolo technical and commercial staff will be available to present various opportunities and discuss different topics together.


Booth B6, 223/322


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