Quality and professionalism

The new end-of-waste treatment cycle in Roster Ltd.

Roster Ltd. has been operating in the field of demolition works throughout Europe for more than thirty years and actively participates in the recycling of the scrap generated by these works. Therefore, Rosen Terziev, owner and founder of the Bulgarian company, decided to close the recycling loop internally, making the best use of the metals and choosing Panizzolo technologies for end-of-waste treatment.

Roster Ltd – an ambitious and

structured industrial implementation

Roster Ltd was founded on May 10, 1990 and specializes in the mechanical demolition of buildings, the dismantling of plants, equipment and industrial machinery, and the processing of ferrous metals. The company focuses on demolition of public and private buildings, both industrial and structural. As Rosen Terziev, representative and director of the company, explains, in this sector the choice of machinery with which to work is fundamental. For this reason, processing „uses proprietary means, selected from the products of world-class manufacturers with proven effectiveness and productivity. Powerful machinery and good technical availability allow us to work quickly and efficiently.“ The company operates throughout Europe and has import and export channels for recycling materials in the Netherlands, Hungary, Romania and Turkey. „For this,“ Terziev continues, „we are constantly looking for new partners and new markets.“

Roster has a young and ambitious team of technicians and users focused on the company‘s growth goals. „I have a highly professional team,“ explains Rosen Terziev, „which assures customers of honesty, cooperation and personal commitment in the performance of their duties. There are currently more than two hundred people working for the company in the dismantling and recycling departments, spread across three branches throughout the country.“ Roster is present in Smolyan with the administration and an operational area of 8000 m2, in Plovdiv they have a second branch of 3000 m2, while in Kameno they operate on a third site of 37 000 m2. „In addition, there are the various construction sites throughout Europe, where a team of engineers follows each phase. Our offices serve both as a logistics center for vehicles and for the storage and treatment of construction waste and scrap. However, considering the constant evolution of the company, we plan to expand in the near future to a new area of 54 000 m2.“

Panizzolo and Roster:
a successful partnership

In the town of Kameno, located near Burgas and its commercial port on the Black Sea, Panizzolo‘s new recycling plant was recently commissioned to process scrap metal, mixed metals and armored cables coming from various demolitions. „The project came about as a result of a special meeting,“ explains Rosen Terziev, „where I expressed a desire to treat this waste internally in order to increase production capacity and reduce the company‘s costs. Anton Alabashev, one of my most trusted employees, conducted a detailed research and market analysis. When presenting the most interesting companies, the name of Panizzolo Recycling Systems stood out, and together with a second colleague, Hristo Zeynelov, we made the first contacts.“

Building a relationship based on human values, the spirit of entrepreneurship, professionalism and technical expertise proved fundamental to the success of this project. Terziev tells us that at the beginning, two other Northern European companies were also analyzed, but Panizzolo managed to convince by inviting to visit the plant in their historic headquarters in Piove di Sacco. The answers to all the questions were accurate and professional, and the initial ideas could be perfected together. „For us, price has never been the most important factor. We have always sought contact with people and this is what led us to choose Panizzolo Recycling Systems. We saw a staff with a great will to work and the ability to build a truly complete mixed materials recycling plant,“ Terziev said.

The Panizzolo treatment cycle: from waste to secondary raw material

The installed system guarantees Roster a flexible and end-of-waste treatment. Waste such as mixed metals, electric motors, WEEE and mixed armored cables enter the plant as feedstock, and the final product that comes out is a granular product that can be classified as a secondary raw material.

The scrap goes through different phases: starting with a volume reduction thanks to the PZ 2H 1500 R shredding plant (2 x 132 kW), a crushing with the Flex 1000 hammer mill (250 kW – up to 11 t/h) and then continuing with suitable systems for separating the raw material. The Panizzolo refining plant has an independent treatment line. It is used to refine the granular metal such as copper, brass, aluminum and steel.

„Coming from our demolition activity,“ Terziev tells us, „the waste is mainly in a mixture of iron and electrical material. We needed a system that could handle this heavy duty, and Panizzolo‘s technicians were able to guide us professionally to the right setting.“

In order to comply with Panizzolo‘s quality policy and to give Roster‘s operators the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the new technologies, the commissioning of the plant was accompanied by specific theoretical and operational training cycles.






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