Good resolutions?

Dear readers,


a year full of challenges is coming to an end – but despite many uncertainties, it became quite clear at the trade shows that giving up is not an option. The mood at IFAT in Munich and K 2022 in Düsseldorf was excellent. Most were visibly happy to have a piece of normal life and normal business routine back. Feel free to read the online post-show reports on our homepage at:  K 2022

Corona, war in Europe, energy crisis and climate change – that‘s the short version of the current issues we have to deal with in turn ... with the issues in 2022 of our recovery magazine, we hope to have contributed a little to the solution, at least with regard to the energy crisis and climate change. The question is whether we will face it incapable of action or whether we will be able to take action, to act actively at one point or another? Perhaps a resolution for the new year? Where can we take smaller or even larger thoughtful steps in all the crises to mitigate, to overcome the crises?

But first of all, we – the recovery team – wish our readers a happy and reflective Christmas season and a good, positive start to the New Year!


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