Flexible screening

Doppstadt combines drum and star screen processes

Investment needs to pay off. Efficiency, flexibility and lifetime are the deciding factors in selecting the right screening machine. Doppstadt unites all these in the SM 518.2. The successor to the popular SM 518 Plus in the mid power range screens processed residential and industrial waste, compost, bark, wood chips, bulk materials and excavated soil. The end product can consist of up to five separate fractions, and screen inserts are quick to change. Manufactured in familiar Doppstadt quality, the SM 518.2 meets all the requirements of medium to large recycling plants.

Continuously increasing demands are placed on screening machines. „State-of-the-art models such as the SM 518.2 are genuine all-rounders,“ according to Doppstadt Umwelttechnik GmbH Product Manager Moritz Müller. Users can change screen inserts from the standard two-fraction drum screen machine within an hour. Doppstadt also provides optional units for coarse-grain bulk separation, rear conveyor wind sifting and magnetic rollers for up to five fractions in a single operation. „The SM 518.2 can be used as a mixer using a mixing drum or with the optional retrofit kit incl. washing drum for an end product with clean surfaces,“ adds Müller.

Suitable for any area

The greatest versatility is useless on its own. A real solution combines two challenges that seem to contradict one another at first glance - power and sustainability. Doppstadt uses the latest in motor technology that always works reliably in demanding applications according to Stage V emission standards in the SM 518.2. „First, screen 300 m3 of compost in a drum screen at 10 mm. After that, switch the star screen insert for 500 m3 of 40 mm chips - easy. With a perfect end product to show for it,“ says Müller.

Ease of operation and high mobility play an essential role in maintaining optimised performance. Compact dimensions and approval for street use across the world ensure versatility in using the screening machine. The 5.7 m³ hopper at only 2.9 m loading height ensures ideal loading characteristics. The Doppstadt screening machine also benefits from smart systems such as electronic load regulation and decentralised control as well as extensive safety equipment as standard.




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