The drum alternative

Maxx 518 and Nemus 620

With the special Maxx 518 and Nemus 620 models, Komptech offers drum screens for users looking for cost-effective, dependable replacements for their original SM 518 and SM 620 drum screens.

The Maxx and Nemus are tough, powerful drum screens that have more than proven their worth in all sorts of operating conditions. While the Maxx’ simple handling makes it the perfect choice for medium-size and larger composting operations, the Nemus is ideal for screening heavier materials like stones, earth, soil and C&D recyclables. Komptech now offers both machines in special versions. The names Maxx 518 and Nemus 620 say it all – they take screen drums from competing machines with the same model numbers.

Now there is an Option

These special versions are designed for screener operators who have been wanting to enjoy the benefits of a Komptech drum screen, but were hesitant up until now because they are already invested in competing machines. The Maxx 518 uses drums from the SM 518, while the Nemus 620 takes drums from the SM 620. Note that due to the drum drive design changes necessary to accommodate the Doppstadt drums, these two machines cannot use original Komptech drums.

Maxx 518: Capable by design

Proven, long-lasting, tough, rigorously practical - an apt description of the Maxx 518. Its 55 kW, T4f/Stage V power plant has plenty of reserves for tough jobs, and the Cleanfix fan keeps it cool even when the surroundings or screen material are hot and dusty. The conveyor extensions supplied as standard equipment for the oversize and fine fractions have discharge heights of 3.2 meters, for good practical utility.

Nemus 620: All drum screens are not

created equal

With its 74 kW engine and T4f/Stage IV exhaust system, the Nemus 620 is a state-of-the-art mobile machine that meets a wide range of requirements. Its tough chassis with non-warping frame and massive hydraulic support feet keep it steady on uneven ground, without detracting from its performance. Another important feature is the generous 3.55 meter discharge height for the oversize and fine fractions.


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