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Dear readers, In view of the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the entire global economy is facing a major challenge. This makes it all the more important not to stand still and keep up to date...


recovery special

New flip-flow-screen

Binder+Co’s BIVITEC e+

The Austrian specialist for processing technology for raw materials and recyclables Binder+Co has been a globally sought-after supplier of the BIVITEC flip flow screening machine for decades. Now the...

New product line

“ADuro” for recycling shredders

International technology Group ANDRITZ presents its new, innovative ADuro product line of recycling shredders for primary and secondary shredding, fine granulation as well as for breaking up material...

Waste wood and root wood

Preparing for combustion

Waste wood and root wood contain iron, stones and other materials. Crushing by slow-running roller crushers in combination with a starscreen has several advantages for this reason. Crushers and...


Universal granulator for single-stage shredding

THM‘s Universal Granulator XG is used for single-stage shredding of a variety of different materials. Whether wood, RDF, cable scrap, electronic scrap, metals or other materials, the Universal...

High-performance large-scale machine

Powerful sludge dewatering

Flottweg's latest development is the X7E The Xelletor series machine is the largest of its kind to date and sets new standards in terms of throughput, polymer consumption and power consumption. The...

More silent – more flexible – more powerful

BHS Innovationen presents development

With its SBR 2 recycling screen for construction material, the manufacturer of simple coarse screening plants for the asphalt, recycling and extraction industry was able to write an unexpected success...

The drum alternative

Maxx 518 and Nemus 620

With the special Maxx 518 and Nemus 620 models, Komptech offers drum screens for users looking for cost-effective, dependable replacements for their original SM 518 and SM 620 drum screens.The Maxx...

Environmentally friendly recycling

Thermal cleaning plants by REKO B.V.

Tar-containing road material is a significant legacy in German road construction due to its carcinogenic and water-polluting effects. Since 2018 it is not allowed to reuse it in road construction....

Stage 5 as standard

The HAMMEL shredders work “green”

Authorities around the world are under pressure to coordinate emission standards, in order to equalize engine emission approvals for different markets. Already since one-year  HAMMEL Recyclingtechnik...

Throughput of up to 5 t/h

New classifier system for non-ferrous metals

In times of climate crisis, environmental protection and resource bottlenecks, recycling is becoming increasingly important. The recycling of iron (FE) and non-ferrous (NF) metals is of particular...


waste recovery

Successful beverage packaging return system

New STADLER automated plant for Dansk Retursystem

STADLER has completed commissioning of a new beverage packaging sorting plant it designed and built for Dansk Retursystem in Taastrup/Denmark. Full handover is scheduled for April, at the end of the...


plastics recovery

It can be achieved under high voltage!

Environmentally friendly plastics

Secondary raw materials are valuable raw materials that can be largely used for high‑quality products without problems. Reintroduction of recyclate into the production cycle makes an important...