Recycling continues

Dear Readers,when there are many changes, one is happy about the things that form a constant - recovery 02/2020 lies ahead of you with exciting new product developments, new strategies to make...



Artificial Intelligence in sorting technology

GAIN retrofit for AUTOSORT systems

Increasing scarcity of resources and even larger flows of waste are leading to a more and more important role for the subject of recycling. The focus is on the quality of the recycled materials. Above...


metal recovery

Efficient Recycling

Eriez stake in sustainability

With the ever-increasing interest in recycling methods due to our current inundation with pollutants, namely single use plastics, global pressure is now on to find a more sustainable method of...


slag recovery

Valuable by-products

Slag recycling

Iron and steel slags are by-products of steel production. These mineral raw materials mainly consist of lime silicate compounds and are classified as secondary raw materials and not as waste because...


waste recovery

plastics recovery

wood recovery

Free of impurities

Multistar L3: Outstanding in every way

With the Multistar L3 Komptech has a very high-performance 3-fraction star screen that meets every requirement. It’s flexible in all sorts of conditions, and delivers first-class output quality. It...