What remains

Dear readers, We all hope, I think, that the longest time with Corona is over. Only maybe a few more months ... hopefully! However, many have also used the time to learn, to try out new techniques. And...




From scrap to oven-ready aluminum

The new recycling plant Deral S.p.A.

Starting from aluminum scrap Deral Spa produces high quality billets for the national and international market. To ensure high production quality, the material loaded into the ovens must be carefully...


recovery spotlight

metal recovery

One machine, one line, many solutions

Metal sorting with advanced sorting solutions

Today much attention is focused on new systems to upgrade the nonferrous product produced. The future of every operation depends on how well a system can effectively deal with constantly changing...

Metal recycling

Current global trends

Metal recycling extends the lifetime of resources and benefits the environment. At the same time, the recycling of metals is more cost-efficient than primary production. The following paper describes...


waste recovery

Committed to environmental protection

Low-emission material handlers from SENNEBOGEN

The disposal center of the recycling company Lohmann is located in Emsdetten in Germany. With a workforce of around 200 employees, the company is dedicated to the holistic processing of recyclable ...


plastics recovery

battery recovery

Resource recovery

Battery recycling with URT plant concept

„Our goal is to create our own cycle with more than 90 % recycling of our batteries,“ says Thomas Tiedje, Head of Technical Planning at Volkswagen Component. „We don‘t want to hand over the process at...