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Dear readers,

We all hope, I think, that the longest time with Corona is over. Only maybe a few more months ... hopefully! However, many have also used the time to learn, to try out new techniques. And with some of the tools and techniques used by force during the pandemic, one realized that it can also be done much faster and easier than with the path taken so far.  These experiences will certainly lead to a situation where, even after Corona, “everything will not be done as it was previously“. This is also reported in our cover story starting on page 6, “Support from afar – online commissioning provides fast help despite the pandemic“. According to their own statements, the customers were very satisfied with online commissioning – then what remains at the end is above all the time and cost savings for everyone involved.

Metal recycling is one of the most economically successful branches in the recycling sector, as the reprocessing of metal scrap is in some cases more economical than primary production. Where challenges nevertheless await recyclers in the reuse of metals, and what the global approach and future challenges might look like, is described in the article starting on page 18, “Metal recycling – current global trends“.

Many other exciting topics await you in this issue – I wish you an interesting time

Dr Petra Strunk


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