Dear readers,

New year, new happiness ... and good resolutions? One answer that can often be found is: „I want to live more sustainably.“ This is a fairly general term and encompasses many areas of our daily existence. From the consumption of energy and water, to the consumption of products, to, for example, which products do I choose and under what conditions were they produced – these are some exemplary decision criteria where we have a choice every day.

Many articles in the issue before you deal with the recycling of valuable materials from waste mixtures into the materials cycle – so-called secondary raw materials become starting materials again for the production of cars, batteries, plastic packaging, clothing, etc. Many manufacturers advertise quite heavily that their products are made in part from recycled material, that the packaging is made from 100 % recovered plastic, or that less primary resources are needed in production – an interesting development that has picked up speed due to external necessities.

But for this to happen, there must be enough recycled raw materials available! The first issue in 2023 is mainly about sorting and shredding technology in very different areas and projects, with the aim of returning even small amounts of recyclable materials to the material cycle using the latest technology.

We wish you an interesting time with recovery 01/2023.


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