Binder+Co: sorting concept for light packaging

China put an end to the import of waste at the beginning of the year. So far, an entire 87 % of EU-wide waste has been brought to China in order to be recycled there. The country’s own environmental problems have now caused the Chinese government to stop waste imports from industrial countries. Concerns are now growing in Europe for how to cope with the plastic waste that has been exported so far. The industry is sceptical about reuse, because the required product quality of the secondary raw material is mostly not ensured. Use of plastic waste as alternate fuel in incinerators makes too little use of plastic as a valuable secondary raw material. Binder+Co is presenting a unique sorting concept for light packaging waste atthe IFAT 2018: CLARITY multiway. 

Binder+Co’s sensor-based sorting system is an extraordinary solution for sorting packaging waste such as PET, HDPE, PP, beverage cartons, paper and cardboard. With just one sensor unit, up to six product fractions can be sorted in outstanding quality. The individual fractions are transported with air pressure through a perforated conveyor belt into the respective discharge paths.

Space-saving: The system is fully automatic and compact, which means that only minor investments are required in the substructure and conveyor system.

High product quality: CLARITY multiway ensures excellent product qualities. Light packaging becomes valuable secondary raw material that no longer has to land in landfill sites or be disposed ofin incinerators, but rather can be sent for recycling.

Versatile: CLARITY multiway sorts packaging waste from household and commercial waste, 3D fractions such as bottles, beverage packaging, canisters and plastic containers and 2D fractions such as film, paper and cardboard.

Binder+Co, sorting specialists from Austria, is presenting the solution concept for the growing requirements placed on the treatment of plastic waste live at the IFAT 2018.

Hall B5, Stand 115/214


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