Germany-wide disposal network

Schüttflix expands its product range

In order to bring comparability and transparency to the waste management market, the company has for the first time developed a digital recording process for operators of waste management facilities such as landfills and tipping points.

On the platform, they can now upload their permits for waste management activities and then deposit plants, waste and prices. In doing so, Schüttflix has addressed all relevant industry specifications. Disposers can specify exactly what waste they can accept, with what load, and in what quantity per day. This way they only get requests displayed that are relevant for them. They can set prices individually for each load class. The Schüttflix waste catalog complies with the Waste Catalogue Ordinance.

The goal is to use the database to answer disposal inquiries from customers quickly and easily throughout Germany in the future. Waste disposal companies can thus process inquiries much faster and with significantly less effort.

„The waste disposal market is highly complex. With our app, we are now offering waste disposal operators and contractors a simple, digital solution for waste disposal. Completely paperless and standardized processes save time and money and increase both quality and efficiency,“ explains Frank Kramer, head of the 20-strong Schüttflix disposal team.


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