Waste wood and root wood

Preparing for combustion

Waste wood and root wood contain iron, stones and other materials. Crushing by slow-running roller crushers in combination with a starscreen has several advantages for this reason. Crushers and crushing rolls are heavy built and hydraulically driven.

In case of overload, the crushing rolls rotate briefly in the opposite direction. Depending on the size of the crusher, the capacity is up to 25 or 50 t/h. Approximately 70 – 80 % of the crushed material is crushed during the process, e.g. with lengths of up to 160 mm. To make sure that the longer portions are also shorter, the star screen conveys them back into the crusher. This procedure is economical in terms of fuel consumption, performance and wear. The fine fraction produced is low.

The crusher and starscreen are track-mounted and can be optimally positioned on site and can be moved quickly. The road transport is carried out by means of low loaders. The smaller version can also be transported by hook lift truck.



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