wood recovery

recovery of wood

TOMRA highlights full wood sorting solution at LIGNA

TOMRA Recycling Sorting presents new X-ray and deep learning-based sorting solutions for waste wood processing at LIGNA 2023. As the industry aims to increase the use of recycled content in the...


From press manufacturer to an internationally leading supplier of complete plants – Wolf-Gerd Dieffenbacher turns 70

Wolf-Gerd Dieffenbacher celebrated his seventieth birthday on December 20, 2021. Until his withdrawal from the day-to-day business on July 1, 2019, the entrepreneur was active for more than 40 years...

Issue 2020-06 Recycling of waste wood and tires

XR3000C mobil-e is in operation at Korn Recycling

Korn Recycling operates one of the world‘s most modern industrial waste sorting and alternative fuel processing plants in Albstadt/Baden-Württemberg. For more than two years now, this waste management...

Issue 2020-05 Product range expanded

New TSS 390 single shaft shredder

Terex Ecotec, is expanding its shredding range with the introduction of the TSS 390, a robust and versatile single shaft, slow speed shredder.

Issue 2020-04 A natural source of energy

A complete waste wood processing system for a biomass heat & power plant

Biomass is a very attractive resource for sustainable energy production. Besides being ideal for generating electricity, it can also provide an efficient source of heat. R Plevin & Sons Ltd., one of...

Issue 2020-04 Waste wood and root wood

Preparing for combustion

Waste wood and root wood contain iron, stones and other materials. Crushing by slow-running roller crushers in combination with a starscreen has several advantages for this reason. Crushers and...

Issue 2020-02 Free of impurities

Multistar L3: Outstanding in every way

With the Multistar L3 Komptech has a very high-performance 3-fraction star screen that meets every requirement. It’s flexible in all sorts of conditions, and delivers first-class output quality. It...

Issue 2019-04

Lindner’s mobile shredders and system solutions

A multitude of different configuration options make Lindner’s mobile shredders and system solutions the perfect choice for universal waste processing. The company will be demonstrating just what is...

Issue 2019-03 New precision rotor for waste wood recycling

Wagner Magnete launches the largest non-ferrous separator in the company‘s history

A non-ferrous separator (NF separator) with special technical innovations is the answer of Wagner Magnete to the ever-increasing product flows in waste wood and bulky waste processing.

Issue 2019-1

Christophel takes over as sales representative for PRONAR shredders and trommel screeners

Christophel takes over as sales representative for PRONAR shredders and trammel screeners, thus widening its company profile, adding the waste and organics segments, and is now offering wheel- and...