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At the upcoming IFAT in Munich, the NEXT GENERATION GROUP will present its latest technologies and system solutions for the waste and recycling industry. Under the motto „Together for a better future,“ the company focuses on integrated concepts to meet the individual requirements of customers and convert residues into usable resources.


Integrated solutions for the waste and recycling industry

The NEXT GENERATION GROUP consists of the independent companies Next Generation Recycling Machines (NGR), Next Generation Elements (NGE), and HydroDyn Recycling. It offers a wide range of solutions for the challenges of the waste and recycling industry. With comprehensive expertise and state-of-the-art technology under one roof, the group specializes in the reprocessing of plastic waste and biogenic residues. From individual solutions to fully integrated concepts in mechanical and chemical recycling, as well as cleaning and processing, customers receive tailored solutions to meet the ever-growing demands in recycling. „The increasing fusion of waste and recycling industries requires a holistic view of the waste stream, but it also opens up entirely new perspectives,“ says Josef Hochreiter, CEO of the NEXT GENERATION GROUP. „We notice that the specific demand for individualized and customized concepts is constantly growing. We bundle the expertise of the individual group members and leverage synergies to offer our customers tailored solutions from a single source.“ With the aim of extracting potential raw materials from different waste streams through state-of-the-art technologies and keeping them in the loop, the NEXT GENERATION GROUP aims to significantly contribute to closing the material cycle.


NGR: Pioneer in mechanical plastic recycling

For almost three decades, NGR has been a technological pioneer in the field of mechanical plastic recycling. With a broad machine portfolio, the company offers solutions for the reprocessing of post-industrial, post-consumer, and PET plastic waste. In addition to their Liquid State Polycondensation (LSP) technology for PET material processing, the machine builders have further developed their solutions for post-consumer waste and will present these advances at the upcoming IFAT in Munich.


NGE: Innovations in chemical recycling

NGE specializes in customized thermochemical solutions for the utilization of biogenic and plastic-based residues. By using pyrolysis technology, high-quality pyrolysis oil is obtained from plastic waste, and high-quality biochar is obtained from biogenic residues.


SynCycle®: Conversion of plastic residues into high-quality pyrolysis oil

A key product of NGE is the SynCycle® process, which enables efficient conversion of plastic residues into high-quality pyrolysis oil. This process was developed in cooperation with BDI – BioEnergy International from Grambach (Styria) and provides a solution for contaminated polyolefin-based residues that are unsuitable for conventional mechanical recycling extruders. The material processed by HydroDyn technologies is melted by a mechanical recycling extruder from NGR and converted into high-quality oil through the innovative pyrolysis process of T:CRACKER®, which can be used in various industries such as food, automotive, and medical.


PyroDry and PyroPower: Production of biochar from biogenic residues

In addition to processing plastic waste, NGE also offers solutions to produce biochar from biogenic residues from agriculture, municipalities, and companies. The PyroDry technology enables the utilization of „wet“ biogenic residues such as sewage sludge and fermentation residues through pyrolysis, while the PyroPower technology enables the conversion of „dry“ biogenic residues from forestry residues into biochar. The surplus energy generated during the conversion of residues into a carbon-based material is utilized as electricity through an ORC plant.


HydroDyn: CLEANING and PURIFYING plastic waste

HydroDyn Recycling GmbH is a leading technology provider specializing in the development of state-of-the-art washing and processing solutions for heavily contaminated plastic waste. The patented process by HydroDyn is based on precisely dosable hydrodynamic surface friction, a principle that has already been successfully used in the wood, paper, and metal processing industries. Used in the mechanical or chemical plastic recycling sector, the HydroCleaner sets new standards. By combining it with a highly turbulent water flow, the process enables significantly increased material recovery, minimizes waste production, generates zero emissions, and requires neither the use of chemicals nor extensive logistics. Additionally, it leads to drastic water savings and reduces electricity consumption by up to 50 %. The result is highly pure ground materials or film flakes that can be further processed into high-quality regranulates, meeting a market with increasing demand, thus making recycled plastics a serious alternative to virgin plastics.


„Together for a better future“

„Together for a better future“ is not just a slogan but our commitment,“ agree the CEOs of the group‘s operating companies. „We combine our forces to develop holistic solutions for our customers. Solutions that are ecologically and economically viable. But more about this at the IFAT at the NEXT GENERATION GROUP booth.“


Booth A4, 133/232


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