Highs and lows

Dear readers,

At the start of 2021, there was a general vague hope that with a sufficient number of vaccine doses and those willing to be vaccinated, the „spook“ could be put to an end by the fall. The first conferences took place again – connected with real joy about an exchange beyond any digital conference programs.

And despite the many – or perhaps because of the lockdowns – we were able to report on many new and further technical developments of machines and systems in each issue. And despite the many limitations, we realized three cover stories.

Now – in mid-November – the times look bleaker again. But in fact, time has definitely not stood still in the past year; against all odds, some companies were able to survive well. Flexibility and inventiveness are more than ever a plus when looking strategically into the future.

After this short review, I wish our readers a merry and blessed Christmas season and a defiantly optimistic start to the new year.


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