Curious about 2021

Dear readers,

surely the beginning of the new year is simply a determination and the New Year‘s Day does not differ in principle much from New Year‘s Eve – times completely soberly regarded. But on the other hand it is already completely exciting to think about a future time period, e.g. about the new year – what one has planned, what one would like to try out absolutely times ... in addition there are also firm dates – apart from vocational conferences and meetings perhaps the graduation, occupation entrance or the wedding of the children etc. I also find good intentions interesting, simply doing things differently, changing habits ... not e­verything works out, but there are some innovations.

When I imagined New Year‘s Eve 2019 as the coming year – we wanted to take another trip together with our children before they slowly go their own ways – I wouldn‘t have even remotely thought about what came next – that something like this is possible at all. We were able to put our "brilliant“ plans on file. Decisions were only made at very short notice, depending on what was possible.

Now the new year 2021 is soon ahead of us – as well as the last recovery for 2020 – and one doesn‘t really dare to plan anything firmly any more. But of course we have been working on the 2021 annual plan for our magazines – you can find the results at

And, of course, with a reserved expectation, we hope that we will be able to go to trade fairs, conferences and meetings again in the New Year, to meet you, dear readers, and to go on vacation across the borders – but above all, we wish you, we all wish you good health.

Wishing you blessed holidays and a good start into the new year

Dr. Petra Strunk
Editori-in-Chief recovery


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