Flottweg SE: New Flottweg Xelletor series for sludge dewatering

The Flottweg C series also sets the benchmark in the centrifuge dewatering of sewage sludge. At IFAT 2018 in Munich, Flottweg will do it again: The brand-new Xelletor series will provide still better dewatering performance with lower consumption.

Sewage sludge dewatering has enormous savings potential for sewage treatment plant operators. The dryer the sludge coming out of the system, the smaller the quantity of sludge. Less sludge means lower costs for disposal and further treatment. Flottweg will now be presenting their latest decanter generation for sewage sludge dewatering at IFAT 2018. The secret to the outstanding performance of this decanter centrifuge is inside, in the heart of the machine. The rotor, and especially the scroll, have a design never seen before. Consumption of polymer flocculant is significantly reduced in the Xelletor series thanks to an entirely new intake configuration. At the same time, the machine scores higher on energy consumption.

The results of numerous tests are impressive. Depending on sludge quality, the centrifuge can save about 20 % on energy while providing significantly better performance.

Not only that, but ...

... up to 15  % more throughflow

... up to 10  % less sludge due to 2  % higher total dry solids

... up to 20  % savings on flocculant consumption

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Halle A1, Stand 550


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