A clean affair

F.O.S. Filtertechnik recycles used filter media

F.O.S. Umwelt- und Filtertechnik Deutschland GmbH is the only specialist company offering filter bags produced from recycled materials. This is recovered by the company from used filter media. The recycled product enables customers to save purchasing costs. At the same time, such filter bags protect the environment, since fewer resources are needed for their production.

Specialist know-how is necessary for such reprocessing of used filters. Also, not all filters are equally suitable for recycling. „High temperature materials are particularly good for recycling,“ explains Christian Reining, CEO at the F.O.S. group of companies. The complex recycling process is economically rational only for such high-value materials.

F.O.S. possesses decades of experience in the production, cleaning and disposal of filter media. The inspirational idea took root when a customer wanted to have high-value filter media disposed of which were still in very good condition. So why shouldn’t the same procedure as for used clothing also be possible for textile-based filter media? The idea of filter-bag recycling was thus born. There is now a growing customer-base that values this additional service, which is available only from F.O.S. The filter bags recycled at F.O.S. have approximately the quality of the original media, and are, for this reason, still ideally suited for a large range of applications. The great advantage: recycled filter bags are lower priced than new ones. Customers, of course, only get perfect, totally clean material. Like all other processes used at F.O.S., this recycling procedure does not release any hazardous substances into the environment.

The Ahlen company is not only a filter producer, but also a specialist disposal organisation, and operates an officially approved hazardous-waste plant. For recycling F.O.S. possesses, inter alia, approval for the transportation, and also for the technically correct reprocessing, of hazardous waste. F.O.S. Filtertechnik is certified for environmental management in accordance with the DIN ISO 14001 standard, since the company attaches great importance to practical environmental protection. The same also applies to filter-medium cleaning, another service provided by F.O.S.. „We wash the filter bags here on site, using only rainwater,“ Reining continues. „This enables us to save not only CO2, but also fresh water.” This is financially worthwhile for him as a businessman, and also protects the environment. Fresh water is not immediately a scarce resource in central Germany at present, but the competition between potable water and industrial water needs is intensifying around the globe. With these and other provisions, F.O.S. demonstrates in exemplary fashion that a waste-management organisation can also be a clean affair.

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