industrial waste recovery

recovery of industrial waste

Cemex and Regenera Mexico trust in Lindner’s shredding experience for RDF production

In Mexico, waste, including industrial waste, is still frequently disposed of in landfill sites. Regenera, a Cemex subsidiary, focuses on developing circular economy solutions for the waste industry....


Facility for recycling commercial salts from fly ash inaugurated

The environmental company Ragn-Sells opened the world's first facility for recycling commercial salts from fly ash from waste incineration on Friday. The plant in Upplands-Bro extracts salts with a 90...


Gentle method allows for eco-friendly recycling of solar cells

By using a new method, precious metals can be efficiently recovered from thin-film solar cells. This is shown by new research from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. The method is also more...


Eriez® reports soaring demand for coolant recycling systems amid supply chain scarcities

Eriez Senior Technical Sales Representative Clay O’Dana reports that the company is experiencing heightened demand for coolant recycling systems as economic and supply chain constraints make it...

Issue 02/2022 CF-reinforced concrete

An ideal building material but a recycling challenge

The use of carbon-fibre-reinforced plastics (CRP) in building is steadily advancing, despite significantly higher costs. Carbon-fibre-reinforced building materials (CF concretes) exhibit outstanding...

Issue 05/2020

Emissions-free conveying of alternative fuels in power plants in Asia

To reduce climate-damaging CO2 pollution by fossil fuels, energy intensive industries such as power plants are starting to use more and more alternative fuels. AUMUND offers conveying solutions for...

Issue 04/2020 Stage 5 as standard

The HAMMEL shredders work “green”

Authorities around the world are under pressure to coordinate emission standards, in order to equalize engine emission approvals for different markets. Already since one-year  HAMMEL Recyclingtechnik...

Issue 04/2020 More silent – more flexible – more powerful

BHS Innovationen presents development

With its SBR 2 recycling screen for construction material, the manufacturer of simple coarse screening plants for the asphalt, recycling and extraction industry was able to write an unexpected success...


AUMUND offers new conveying and transportation solutions for alternative fuels

Back in July 2019 AUMUND Fördertechnik GmbH began increasing capacity in its engineering team; this signalled the start of new product design in conveying and transportation of alternative fuels. The...

Issue 01/2019 Wide range

Recovery of solvents in a new distillation plant

Recycling in its purest form: Richard Geiss GmbH has now put a total of € 1.9 million into the latest expansion of its solvent distillation plant at the company‘s home location in Offingen, near...