Sutco® sets milestone in South America

Commissioning of the first waste sorting plant in Chile

Sutco Iberica, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sutco, has reached an important milestone in the optimisation of waste management in Chile on behalf of Ambipar Environment Chile.

Given the country’s current low recycling rate (12 % according official data) and the governement’s aim to increase this to more than 50 % within the next 12 years thanks to new recycling legal frame (EPR law) the first state-of-the-art sorting plant was successfully commissioned in Santiago de Chile.

New sorting plant processes 60 000 Mg/a
© Sutco RecyclingTechnik GmbH

New sorting plant processes 60 000 Mg/a
© Sutco RecyclingTechnik GmbH
Until now, Chile has lacked waste separation and treatment technologies, which clearly emphasises the need for such innovative projects. Within just nine months, the plant manufacturer constructed a semi-automatic waste treatment plant equipped with state-of-the-art technologies. In collaboration with leading companies such as Pellenc for the NIR technology, unoTech for the channel baling press and TIG Automation for the process control technology, Sutco succeeded in commissioning the plant on schedule in February.

The new sorting plant processes 60 000 Mg/a and can process up to 90 % of the incoming materials so that they can be recycled. This significantly reduces the quantities that normally end up in landfill sites.

This step not only represents an important step forward for the recycling industry in Chile, but is also unique in South America. The implemented processes to recover recyclable materials and an additional production line to produce fuel for the cement industry will support the circular economy in Chile and significantly expand and enrich the waste management industry in South America.

Sutco Iberica is proud to be part of this pioneering project in collaboration with Ambipar Environment Chile. The two companies are actively working together to increase the recycling rate in Chile, making a sustainable contribution to environmental protection through the efficient use of resources.


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